Because Sex Sells

I’m not your average thrill-seeker.

You won’t catch me jumping off waterfalls, swimming with great whites or riding roller coasters. Nor will you find me falling headfirst out of planes or climbing the 02 like an animal. Hate to break it to you, but I’m the girl you’re reluctantly holding hands with in seat 23D because Easyjet my ass. The girl who cried in an Emirates Airline cable car. I literally couldn’t do Go Ape.

But you see, I seek my thrills elsewhere…

Last week was our SCA Poetry Showcase. After months of prep, it was time to perform our poetry to the rest of the cohort. A different kettle of fish to our weekly pitching.

The problem: I had written about one very inappropriate thing.

As an unemployed creative looking to be hired by the likes of adam&eveDDB, Leo Burnett and McCann, I had written a collection of erotic sex poems (and a few about heartbreak because I’m not some sort of sex fiend).

And you can bet your bottom bitcoin I performed them.

Because that, and giving birth to multiple light bulbs live on zoom, is my equivalent to skydiving. It’s fun, a thrill and I wanna do it all over again.

Sell or die, right?

For your reading pleasure:



Like a kitchen sink

Dirty too

I need the man’s sweat like I need my heart to beat

His heavy breathing music to my ears which I hope he’s sucking

7:30am and I’m drinking my morning coffee

Oh, how I wish I was drinking you


Rip my clothes off

Like a binge eater crumbling under the pressure

Tearing open cereal boxes at the stroke of secrecy

Tear me open like a cereal box

Then drench me in your milk


And just like that

We are nothing but two paintings

Framed and hanging on opposite walls of the gallery

My Rock

Turns out

You can’t throw rocks around


You were my truth

So I pushed you away

I’d rather be alone

Than with myself


Grab my face like you grab the guitar

Tell me you need me

Then maybe

Just maybe

I’ll sing


You’re like a human post-it note

Reminding me to live



Waiting for you to write me words

I wonder

Is this what it’s like waiting to die


It’s raining outside

But it’s wetter right here

While I’m thinking of you

Whose long overdue

To be deep inside

As it rains outside

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