Nuria Ramos
By Nuria Munoz-Ramos


Creativity is boring if you haven’t got anyone to play with.
I want to keep playing. I want to keep having fun, enjoying every moment and every single day. I need that other person that completes the game, that makes everything much easier. It took me 2 years to find that one person. When we both got together everything changed, work wasn’t work anymore it was an amazing game, we enjoyed every hour invested, we would laugh, make silly voices and faces, ( anyone that saw us from outside would of though we were completely nuts and wasting time) but that wasn’t the case, in those moments our heads would create amazing ideas, we would come up with fun concepts and then apply them to our work.
If you don’t play you don’t take risk and everything is just to boring. In between jokes and laughs appear the best of ideas, and with the unconditional support from the copy to the art director and the art director to the copy makes that ridiculous idea into a brilliant one. With all this said I don’t consider myself a copywriter nor an art director and personally… I don’t believe in this.
I know that feeling when you connect, I know how difficult it is to find someone BUT I JUST WANT TO KEEP PLAYING.

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