The Best Toilets

A famous man named Rob West once said “you can tell a lot about how much a company cares about its employees by looking at their toilets.” This wisdom was imparted on me long ago fortunately just before Rob’s death. I hold his words true to my heart. While we finished our time at SCA and everyone was focusing on making connections with Agencies, meeting people, networking etc. I took on the challenge of doing the dirty work for everyone and getting a close look at the toilets. Make sure no one is being treated unfairly. 

The holy grail of toilets at agencies–Fold 7
If there was a toilet award, Fold 7 would have won the Ballon D’or. 


Decent, no issues.  Could have bigger urinal walls. Same feedback for VLMY&R

Overall rating:8/10

We Are Social

A big space housing both womens and mens toilets.  There was an interesting shape cut out from the wall I put myself in.  Good soap option, handy to know I can shave at work with my electric razor. Could have had bigger sinks but they were all self contained rooms.

Overall Rating 7/10


Another solid space.  Difficult to use the hand dryer. Was it paper towels maybe? The sign at the front brought me joy.  Carried their rating.
Overall Rating 7/10
Ps. Sorry Rob, all the photos I had of AMV you were either peeing or peeing


The male toilet sign was much more worn out than the female one. Now that’s where this gets interesting. Either Krow doesn’t like Men and as such have defaced the beautiful artwork or there are far more men in the building and as men we all need to exert our manliness on doors by pushing them open with manly manliness resulting in the logo to be slowly worn away.  Either way, big red flags here.
Very nice to have lavender air freshener as we’d Had dominos for the 6th monday in a row. 

Overall: 7/10 (mainly the manly men thing/man haters dragging the score down)



OOOOO Grayling really nailed it.  They had informative information, Stone or smth sinks. Good soap option. Colour pallets fit well with the room’s aura. Plus if this was COVID lockdown 1, I know where I would go to fit my toilet paper shortages. 

Overall: 9.89


The final agency visit and arguably up there with one of the best toilets.  Big door to start. Long hall way.  Good company.  Felt good to use this one
Overall 9.99


In first place – Fold 7
In Second place – HAVAS London

In third place – Grayling

I can finally delete toilet photos from my camera roll.

This is my last SCAB. It’s been a pleasure 
Thank you to Marc for giving me a place at SCA
Thank you to Ian, Rob, Pete, Kaz, Gary, Uri, Thiago, Alex, Rebecca, Alan for all your lessons this year.
Thank you to Marcia, Shannon, Max and Lou for all your administrational help all year and helping me smile constantly.

Always a pleasure, never a hassle. Well actually that’s a lie, it was definitely sometimes a hassle. 

Echo and out


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