9 weeks to go: what are you concentrating on to make you the best you for portfolio day?

By JOHN – The SCA Intake of 2017/18



9 weeks to go: what are you concentrating on to make you the best you for portfolio day?


Jono: I’m going to make my book exciting and more the techy and illustrative to reflect what I want to do!


Rachel:I am going to be doing a lot more hands on craft in my book. And put things in that have actually been done or shown to the real world.


Becky: I will be trying to produce a book that reflects the type of work we want to do, in our ‘character’.


Meg: book, book, book. Constantly developing our campaigns. Committing to some of them too so they become more thought through.


Holly: Try and make sure our book is representative of our character.


Rita: I’m trying to develop innovation projects that I feel proud of and that I feel would change things (even if it is just slightly) for the better.


Helena: Trying to make sure that our personality drives all our campaigns.


Susie: Show off the wall work that has a degree of simple thinking threaded through. Wish us luck.


Adeline: Side hustles.


Phil: More passion projects. I want to get something in the news.


Zoe: Work on Nailing and pushing campaigns, quality not quantity.


Holly: Try and push out executions to properly communicate our ideas and personality, and start making stuff.


Twyla: Pour every ounce of my personality into our portfolio. Also make jingles.


Steve & Nick Make shit.


Dan drinking more water.


Helena: reiteration



 I’ll be making it rain

 Keeping it real

 Having fun in the day time

 Staying sheepish


 Less leg covered

 More time with animals

 Not pussy though

 I’m allergic


Jem: Making sure we get to know the agencies we love and trying to get more seismic shift / about turn / repositioning ideas in there.


Henry: Utilise every morning


Martin: Stop crafting and produce more ideas. Only the good ones deserve to be crafted.


Ben: feeding my mind, to a calorie controlled diet of 2,000cals a day.




  1. Crafting that copy! Mentors have said more than once that I can do better, so I’m going to prove them right.
  2. Make Megapops a TING!
  3. Get that side hustle off the ground #tamponsforpeace


James: updating what I’ve got and adding more every week.


Christian: Making as many campaigns as possible to sort out the bad and only keep the brilliant.


Sara: More more MORE. More copy, more craft, more fun.

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