Milk-less tea

Fiona Tabastot






By @ftabastot


A few days ago, I was speaking to an irish friend who just moved to London. We were speaking about what we like and the main differences with our hometown. Casual talk. Until I asked him if I HAD to drink my tea with milk. I noticed the judgemental face of people when I answered no to the question, “do you want milk?”

“You ask people for tea without milk? Are you mental? Always with milk. No exceptions. And definitely forget about any of that green tea stuff, that’s certainly out.”

Why didn’t anyone mentioned this to me before? Isn’t the guy at the airport supposed to brief you on this kind of matter of life question? Mine was probably already at the pub when I landed here.

I try to tell myself that by experiencing different ways of having a tea I am breaking the conventions and the patterns. I’m being creative. I break the routine, I do something different today. But in my head I know I should have collected more english dots before coming here.

Dots are not just there to make you smarter and a better creative. They helps you understand people. And that helps you to do better ads. If I had these dots before coming here I wouldn’t have made a fool of myself by asking for a tea without milk.

It reminds me of my childhood. My mother has always been really attached to her italian roots. I remember her yelling at my sister and I when we dared to cut our spaghettis. “You are cutting the magic in it” she said. I always thought it was stupid. (You never look really smart and sexy when you eat spaghetti, do you?)
And then I understood it. That’s tradition. We are not all the same and for some people it really matters. It’s about understanding people and accepting the difference in everyone. Just like my flatmates should try to forget me becoming totally nuts every time they mix french wine with sparkling water. A spaghetti cut is a broken spaghetti, a wine with water is not wine anymore and a tea without milk is still a tea, but a boring one. 

If you are what you eat, I guess you are what you drink too. So I will never have a milkless tea ever again.

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