What I love about people at SCA – By @paboukratevans

By Pierre Aboukrat


What I love about people at SCA 


They love being creative that, this is kind of annoying sometimes, having them coming up with clever shortcut.


 They cry easily when someone, leave the school for personal or financial reasons. 


They are very competitive; they will shout or be mad if they don’t impress during presentations. 


They are very clear about what they want, choosing something is a piece of cake for them. 


They are great dresser; they are scoring stuff that I good never imagine be good looking together. 


They find my ideas interesting and they don’t make me feel bad about myself for it. 


They rarely feel defeated, which is strange because I sometimes do. 


They love to play I mean really play, sometimes a little bit too much. 


After meeting me, they were kind enough to correct my writing whenever I miss spell a word. 


They are brave people. 


My crazy ideas are one of their favourites things to figure out how to execute. 


They are my favourite people. 


I never listen to any people opinion or take any step back when I am thinking but they manage to always find a way to argue with me. 


They eat like hell, jam doughnuts (shout out to Marley), crisp and other esoteric drinks. 


They are incredibly neat if something isn’t right on somebody they will help him change it, I can rely on them to keep things in order. 


They care about the planet, everybody recycles at SCA and don’t try to put stuff in the wrong bin. 


They love solving things you suppose to hate, like the tantrums of their ideas. 


They disappear into their own world often at school, trying to get the best ideas. 


They can told when it is not a good idea or you missing the point, in a way that doesn’t make you feel bad. 


They are self-mad and I respect that. 


They are doing this school without any safety net wishing for the best and working hard. 


They are brilliant at creating a friendliness atmosphere. With every presentation, there is a spell that makes everyone feel included. 


SCA is a great place to learn and I am really happy to stay. The mentors and masterclass are just brilliant. All the brief, that are coming in school I just one to smash them the best I can. This week I didn’t manage my sleeping really well so I slept in classes I didn’t indent to sleep it. You see previously I was deliberately sleeping in some classes because I wasn’t finding them really important (shout out to Ian). 


Now the issue, is that I am sleeping in really interesting masterclasses. This week however I am going to go to sleep very early. Also, I bought some coffee, so no more Pierre in the moon. More like Pierre in the mother fudging place. If I don’t honour this contract I will put an hour of sleep definitive. Fading away while doing the surfer sign


Ps: I cried in front of movies the whole weekend. In the morning, I looked like an alien. 

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