Chips ‘n Vinegar

22 of us went down to Ministry of Sound last night for the Chip Shop Awards.  We arrived at 7.30 PM a little bit nervous and a little bit excited.  All except for our head of copy, Chris Hill, who arrived with his copy of the Guardian and proceeded to do cross-words.  Only our Chris would entertain the idea of flexing his grey muscles on a cross-word puzzle inside one of London’s top nightclubs.  He’s a party animal is our Chris.

Tom and Greg win a Chip

Last year we won a single Chip and we were delighted with that.  Nathan Holley has been polishing his trophy every day for the past year (and that is not a euphemism).   Always wanting to do better, it was important that we made progress this year and took home a little bit more.

Our first Chip of the evening was won by two of next year’s students, Tom and Greg with the advert below.  Well done lads, that’s a great marker laid down for your year ahead.  Go and buy a trophy cabinet because you are going to be winning plenty more bling over the next twelve months and beyond.

A little while later, Simon Jensen picked up a Chip for his Volvo campaign and we were able to celebrate progress.  Simon was miserable when he arrived at the awards because he had just seen his Denmark team beaten by Portugal.  If Christiano Ronaldo had been in Ministry of Sound at 11PM last night, I honestly believe that Simon would have high-fived him.  That’s how happy he was.  Well done Simon, well deserved.

Chip Shop Awards hand out Vinegar Bottles to the runners-up.  We took home five bottles.  Congratulations to Martin & Olly for PSP, Helen & Thirza for, Simon & Amar & Olly for RSPB, Rosie & Danielle for Tetley, and to Amar for his campaign advertising himself for hire.

It was a great night for School of Communication Arts and a very proud Dean left the club with a tear in his eyes.  I predict great things for this year’s intake and last night was indicative of the feedback that they have been getting from our network of ad agencies.  The bar has been set high for next year.

We must give thanks to our friends at The Drum, and to Gordon in particular, for being such incredible supporters of our school.  They came down from Scotland to evangelize the awards to our students.  They give each student a complimentary copy of every issue of the magazine.  They do so much to encourage the next generation of creative talent.  Great people.


Simon Jensen wins with Volvo








Amar won a vinegar by promoting himself

Helen and Thirza won a Vinegar

Martin & Olly win a Vinegar

Amar, Arvid and Olly won Vinegar

Rosie and Danielle won Vinegar

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