Such a nice and unusual place @pandofae

By  Gauthier Peyret

I chose to do my Master’s degree in London to feel out of place and discover a new culture and way of life. A country that is so close to France but in fact quite far from French culture. I can say I haven’t been disappointed: English people have a very different way of thinking from ours and let’s not talk about their rigor, probably one of the main differences between Latin people and Saxon people.

I’m still having trouble understanding their accent when speaking. Having past months in Texas since I was 10 years old, I thought that with an ear used to the Texan accent (not the best in the US), it would be easy for me to catch all words. I was way off the mark: experience teaches us not to have certainties and to remain humble!

Beyond these little inconveniences that will disappear with time, I have also discovered very open and friendly people. That was a good surprise for me who can be shy and not feeling comfortable when I don’t know people in a new environment.

Now let’s talk a little bit about SCA which is a so atypical school for a Frenchman like me. This amazing school where teachers are close to their students and push them to their very limits to get their best. This school where the lessons take place in a way so different from what I am used to, but which makes them so interesting and unique. “Soft Power” could be my nickname but this place makes me want to give the best of myself!

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