I’ve left them die.  By @iamvandale

By Adeline Vandale


I’ve left them die. 


I had two plants.

I’ve left them die.

I used to take care of them every now and then.

Gave both of them a bit of time each.

Fed them.

Talk to them. 

Sometimes, I even used to make them sunbathe.

One at a time.

They started growing.

Shinning and glowing.

They made my days brighter.

Upgraded my surroundings.

Gave me some fresh air in the mornings.

I even had to fight for them.

They weren’t loved by my flatmate.

Apparently, plants are useless.

Or synonymous with trouble.

Because they take time.

And sometimes, time is energy.

They were great.

I liked them.

But recently, I’ve started taking less care of them.

Because time is energy and energy is needed.

I’ve forgotten to feed them.

Water them.

I’ve abandoned them in the cold.

And they’re dying.

I’m sad.

I’ve tried to resurrect them.

I’ve put the heater back on.

Brought one of them in my room.

I water them.

I reshaped one.

And yet, they’re still dying.

I guess I’ll have to buy new ones.

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