One song that changed you and why?

By John – The SCA Intake of 2017/18


One song that changed you and why?


Martin: Falco – Jenny

It was very controversial at the time. It could be either a story of a series killer or a love story.

After the song I realised how different audience react to one piece of communication


Jono: Hall of Fame — The Script

It’s the song I cry to. It’s the song I choose to lift my mood.

Jono BONUS: The Heart of Life — John Mayer




Box Clever – Huxley


I’d had this song a while, but stumbled across it on shuffle just after getting out of a bad relationship. Alicia Keys was saying everything that I felt. It made me angry, but mainly determined. And it still does.


Playing with Knives – Bizarre Inc


First heard this when I was really little, probably coming from my dad’s bedroom. I rediscovered it as an adult and it never fails to pull me out of a dark place.


“Gotta get up, got to feel good”


Pietro: Emozioni di Battisti, an Italian song that explain what emotions are.


Helena S: Evanescence – Torniquet

This being played on the way to school when we were kids and realising that I needed to ask my mum more questions about her teenage years. Eyes opened.


Susie: Anticimex by Roffe Ruff.
I listened to this Swedish rap every time I needed some motivation during final year. When I found out what he was actually singing about I felt slightly horrified I had taken such good energy from such depressing lyrics.
Can’t lie though – still love it.


Holly: Little Shop of Horrors intro song

When I was 10 I applied to a couple of schools on a music scholarship and you had to play a minimum of two instruments. So one of mine was my voice (I couldn’t sing it was desperate). I chose this song and was wheeled up in front of a room full of people on the interview day. They were all grade 8 cellists and so on playing Mozart. It was so humiliating it made my eyes water. First time I learnt that embarrassment won’t kill you but sometimes you wish it would. I wish I had ignored my mum’s advice to be myself. Because it sucked for reals.


Philly: Chamber of Reflection – Mac Demarco. It’s my theme tune.


Dan: Monster Mash. Because it was a graveyard smash.


Rita: Dance me to the end of love by Leonard Cohen. Best lyrics I’ve ever read.


Phil: Open by Rhye, I first heard this song when I was going through some nonsense at Uni and was pranging hard about life. It allowed me to float over all that stuff and sit up and smell the roses. Everytime I listen to it, I think back to that time and am reminded all is good.


Rachel: I don’t think there is any one song that has changed me. I have songs that link me to memories and time periods, ones that I would listen to to help me pass time through certain things so it’s impossible to select 1. One of my favourites is “Let go” by Avril Lavigne because she was just different to anything else at the time. I know all of the songs off by heart.


Joe: Jamie T, Sheila. Not the most significant of all time, as that’s impossible, but I remember this song more than any other. I remember the first time I heard it. I was sitting on a bus. Late evening. I can still see the colour of the sky. It was something new.


Christian: Luther Vandross – Dance with my father again.

It always makes my hair rise on my arms.


Michael Jackson – Man in the mirror.

This is a song that have carried me through a lot.


James: Goo Goo Dolls – Iris. Its a bit of a sad one but reminds me of lots of good times.


Sara: Kanye West – Stronger. Up to that point, most of the music I listened to was because my mum listened to it. This song was a gateway drug to a new world of music that my mum didn’t like, good times.


Steve: Eric Burdon & The Animals – Good Times

Pusha T – Numbers On The Board

Twigs – Two Weeks


Ben: Ertha Kitt – I want to be evil.

Ben(again): Ariana Grande – Into you.


The first I only heard a few days ago but I clicked with it instantly; she has a timelessness to her voice. Into You is a classic hoe anthem that we all get down to in the club. Don’t deny it boys.


Nick: New slaves – Kanye West or Make Me Smile – Steve Harley


The songs that make me run to find my brother when they come on.


Meg: Future Sound of London – Papua New Guinea… it transports me to a better place when I need it.


Henry: Lifestyle Club – Housing Scam. Beautifully written and highly emotional


Becky: Love Story, Taylor Swift was the first thing child me and my best friend had in common. Knew she was a keeper.


Josh: On & on by Erykah Badu. My mum played my this when I was small, I loved the sound but it never meant much else. The more I listen to it, the more I learn about her. Just beautiful.


Adeline: Hit That Gash – Rouge à lèvres ft Foreign Beggars.
First song that I discovered and introduced my brother to. Used to be the other way round.


Jem: Klangkarussell – Netzwerk

Just reminds me of when I watched the music video on repeat because I loved it so much. It’s incredible drone footage before that was as popular as it is now.


Make luv – room 5 (Oliver cheetham)

Takes me back to setting up a Sunday rooftop day party in Australia in the summer. Probably the only time so far in my career that I was doing something that I loved and also genuinely felt like I was good at. Normally it’s one or the other.


Inspector Norse – Todd Terje

Similar to the above, I can never get sick of this


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