Daisy Bard

By Daisy Bard


I think it’s brilliant that SCA encourages us to do passion projects alongside our work. We were asked to do one over the summer before we came to school, and one over Christmas. We’ve been hearing a lot about portfolios and book crits this week, and aside from the fact we’re all bricking it, it’s no small achievement to already have a basic portfolio: three campaigns each that we created over the Christmas break, plus at least one side project to show. As Marc says, it’s one of the things that differentiates SCA from other creative courses. As we attack this term with all the gusto and energy we can muster, adding one more campaign each week to our portfolio is just part of the package. Noooo problem. (She said, sweating profusely.) 

I digress. My Christmas project was a gingerbread nativity mocking the awfulness of 2016. It came from a feeling that most people were really glad to see the back of that year, and a sense that it would be funny to ‘celebrate’ it with a perky festive scene. Focussing on white supremacy, which had also grown exponentially in 2016, I decided to use ‘I’m dreaming of a white Christmas’ as a soundtrack. During this project I learned that it can be good to jump into something even if you don’t have much experience – I’d never made gingerbread before, and I’m no expert at icing decoration. But you do find solutions as you go. It’ll only happen if you push yourself. Anyway. Here it is, in a neat little vid: 

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