How to unlock achievements? By @hachanitedj

By Tedj Hachani



Hey there!

Let’s talk about achievements, confidence, and a little bit of science.

How to unlock achievements?


I always say that small incremental progress every single day adds up over years. As long as you do one small thing to better yourself, mentally or physically, whatever it is, time’s going to go by and all that stuff adds up, therefore all these things will become an important pillar of your success.


It’s not an overnight process!


I personally have been making videos for 5/6 years now, I’ve been uploading on facebook, instagram, youtube, etc…I deleted the majority of what I’ve done because I wanted a fresh start.


I always felt (still feel sometimes) like people didn’t or don’t care, but that doesn’t stop me because I know that one day, i’ll be in a place where i can say that all the content I made has led me to where I am.


It’s just a matter of time!


2 months?…   2 years?…      5 years?…


I believe that « the quicker you’re here, the faster you go ». It may not be true for 100% of people, but I just feel like the more time you spend grinding/working hard (AND SMART), the longer your success will last.


You are welcome to argue with me @tedj_hachani (instagram)


Life as a video game character


« I see life as a video game »


You’re the main character, if you’re not happy with what you are doing then you can reset and start over.

You’ll unlock new levels, new characters, new features and so on until you succeed.


I’m not a professional graphic designer, i’m not a professional filmmaker, not a professional creative director, i’m here to LEARN, DISCOVER, FAIL, SUCCEED, fail over and over again, and then succeed.


Gaining confidence


Build your confidence by stepping outside of your confidence in small increments.

Say yes even if it means increasing your workload, that’s how you’ll develop your skills.

Clear, precise goals ==> precise actions towards those goals

If you want to achieve a large goal : break it down into small steps, that way you won’t feel overwhelmed and you’ll see that almost anything can be achievable by breaking your work down into small tasks.




Your brain works in strange ways, but believing in yourself is important for your brain.

Individuals with a growth mindset have a greater awareness of errors than individuals with a fixed mindset.

« Brain activity is most intense when people have a growth mindset, this shows how important it is that people believe in themselves and that they know that brains can grow and change with hard work. »





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