A breath of fresh Air  – By @maxatyler

By Max Tyler


A breath of fresh Air 

I’ve been in London now for 11 weeks and time has flown by. I’ve done a lot since I’ve been here, the course and life in general has made me almost forget about my life before. Waking up and not seeing trees everywhere was weird for the first week but when it normalised it almost deleted from what I knew as my usual surroundings. I’ve been learning and experiencing a lot of things, my mind has been filled with a lot of information in a very short amount of time and it became a bit muddled. Such a change in environment hasn’t had a bad effect on me personally but I forgot about the clarity of mind I had living my peaceful life in a village. 

I needed some air 

Some fresh Breachwood Green air 

Slightly polluted with plane fume air but still fresh none the less. This weekend I went home to clear my head and see some trees that I haven’t seen in a long time. 

Stepping off the train at luton airport parkway felt like a step back in time, it felt comforting but in a weird way disconnected from any kind of emotion that I used to feel for this place, they were mostly negative but it was still weird. As I was going back from the station in the car when I left the boundaries of luton and entered the countryside I felt the feelings I used to feel about living where I did and these were the good ones.I felt at home and reconnected, it was the peace and quiet and uninterrupted light which made me feel at home again. 

I changed google maps when I moved to London and set my new address as “home”. I did this to try and make me feel more comfortable with the new environment. I can safely say this worked, better than I expected but re entering the countryside made me realise the term home can’t be thrown around as lightly. Leaving luton and seeing the greenery once again made me realise this. This is the place where I feel I can escape and relax, I know my surroundings and everything is familiar. Being in Breachwood Green felt like seeing my friend again who I hadn’t seen in a long time. 

I had a night to meet my friends and catch up on the things I had missed, this was nice but I saw how slow life was back at home. On the Saturday I had a chance to work on things for school and had a nice day meeting family I haven’t seen in a while. They were all curious to what I had been doing over dinner but I think it’s safe to say I “lost the room” almost instantly. I think the way I explained what I had been doing was a bit too in depth, speaking about how I have to become different people and invent personas to help me solve problems for centre parks didn’t really resonate with my relatives knowledge and backgrounds. Anyway it was still nice and reassuring for them that I seemed happy and motivated. 

I needed this break more than I thought i did leaving on the Sunday left me feeling fresh and revived. I got a little taste of the old life, the one I loved and felt comfortable with. But most of all I left feeling hungry hungry to develop and make the most of where I am.  

I reset

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