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By Jacob de Figueiredo


Videos Games

Video games. What a bloody creation. Ever since I was a small less muscular lad I’ve been obsessed with playing video games, in complete awe that something that could bring such joy to my life could ever exist in the world. Everything about them ticks all my delicious boxes. 

I remember the hard comforting feel of the Sega mega drive controller on my soft young skin as I embarked on my first otherworldly adventure into Ecco The Dolphin. I’d spend hours in this underwater fantasy that was as vivid as my imagination was. It was a completely immersive game with atmosphere woven in to every pixel of its being. Seeing the Sega logo each time I booted up the system drips a red hot drop of potent nostalgia into my brain. 

I then moved onto the PS1. My dad bought a PS1 for himself and his mate when I was about 5 years old. Honestly go onto Youtube and type in “PS1 Startup Music” it almost brings me to tears. The first game he ever got was Wipeout XL, featuring Firestarter – Prodigy. Which I’d spend hours and hours on, getting constantly beaten by him but it never mattered. I just wanted to play. How I miss it. 

My mum bought me a 18+ Video Game version of Alice in Wonderland because I was obsessed with Alice in Wonderland when I was about 7. This game was called American McGee’s Alice and it was anything but a children’s game. I absolutely loved it. 

I’ve played through this game probably around 20 times on my computer and frequently come back to it each year just for a trip down memory. This game is like the twisted forgotten sister of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. Alice’s family was killed in a fire when she was a child, and she’s spent her entire youth in an asylum trying to shake off the horrors of her lost youth. But danger in wonderland brings her back through a much darker world than anyone remembers. 

It’s a game that showed me the true power of someone’s imagination and the hard work and talent that it takes to bring your visions to life in a way that’s just so incredibly immersive. I was always amazed at the fantasy worlds someone could pull from their mind. How anyone can fabricate such a rich thriving environment that you can get lost in from essentially nothing is mind blowing to me. 

That game really set the tone and guided my interests for pretty much my entire life. I’ve always been super interested in fantasy and magical worlds and frequently try to shoehorn that stuff in to most of my work before quickly getting brought back down to earth by my partner incase I really get lost in the Jacob de Fig dimension. 

I really do miss playing video games, I just haven’t had the time recently and I feel like I’ve lost a huge part of what really makes me happy. Throughout my life, every 5 years or so, people insult me for playing so many games and call them a waste of time. But I believe in my heart of hearts that video games have filled my brain with incredible worlds and dialogues that I’ll thread into my work throughout my career for years to come. 

Time you’ve enjoyed isn’t time wasted in my books. 

Thanks xx



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