The toughest part of SCA is probably finding a partner but here’s a few things I’ve learnt.

When looking for the one it’s important that you get along and have fun but don’t forget, you’re here to work. Try to find someone who likes similar work but sleep around and chase ideas, not partners.  

When you first start working together it’s important to know each others strengths and weaknesses, so be open. Marc once said ‘think about how you can help your partner rather than how your partner can help you’. If both have that attitude it encourages you to build from each other ideas rather than just killing them. 

Creatives tend to be sensitive souls so avoid saying no. Even if you disagree just nod and smile at them like a crazy person, then move the conversation along. It will save you a lot of arguments. However your partner will occasionally fall in love with some mental idea but they might have seen something you haven’t. So trust your partner and back them up but if you‘re really worried just present two ideas.

It’s always nice to be the one that comes up with the initial idea but it means nothing unless you have the best idea. So keep you ear opens and hearing aids turned up because as Dave Trott said ‘it is the one that spots the idea’

In any situation when you’re presenting remember that you’re a team. Some partners naturally become double acts but that doesn’t work for everyone. At the very least support each other and don’t argue. I remember watching footballers Keiron Dyer and Lee Bowyer playing for Newcastle when they got into a fight. I think the commentator said something like ‘it’s embarrassing’. 

Every partnership is different but when things are going wrong it is easy to look at other teams and think that the grass is greener. Most creatives are individuals, so what works for that team probably won’t work for you. However there is no harm in talking to other teams about their creative process. 

Spending so much time with your partner it is easy to forget to appreciate the amazing shit your partner does. So when your partner does good give them a high 5, a kiss or even shot of Tequila. 

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