Portfolio Day – By @CocoShellim

By Coco Shellim


Portfolio Day


Portfolio day is looming upon us and for some reason time seems to be speeding up. 


Leli and I have been a bit stuck in the last few weeks, we feel like we are coming up with new ideas, we just don’t really love any of them.


We’re bored with the campaigns we do have and desperate for a new spark of ideas. It makes it more motivating because the frustration and dissatisfaction makes you want to push for more and better ideas, but at the same time it’s a bit demotivating being stuck in the cycle.  


We’ve just had Q and A with alumni which was super inspiring and helpful. Most of them were only here a year ago, but the gap between us seems so much bigger. It’s so reassuring to know that they are all living the good life, in great agencies, making real work and having fun. 


I thought the best pieces of advice were:


Pick the agency you love and work backwards. Find the agency who’s work you love, find the people who have made this work and then gear your book towards them. If you know they’ve just won a client then make some work for the client. If you know they like a certain style then try to emulate it and build on it. Make topicals for their clients that could run tomorrow. All this stuff will help them notice you in portfolio day, when they will be going through 20 other books.


Get a table cloth because the tables are rank.


Make something interactive. The sponsors coming are probably going to be exhausted going through 20 different books, and once it becomes formulaic it becomes tedious. Give them a clever game or something interesting to interactive that will make them remember you.


Give them something to take home with them. This should be strategic. Business cards often get thrown away, food gets eaten and forgotten about. Find something that they will find useful, or fun, something that doesn’t get shoved in the bin.


And lastly, make sure the way you decorate your table represents you. There’s no point doing flashy, gimmicky stuff if that’s not your vibe. At the end of the day they are hiring you, so make sure it’s authentic.

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