Going Loco for some Coco – By @cutemagicalstar

By Rachel Ogbaretin

Going Loco for some Coco

While where slaving away on macs and crying over full stops and capital letters we sometimes forget that advertising can be fun sometimes. I know right. For the current brief we had to create some noise for a business, place or person with the local area of Brixton. To be honest I was having war flashbacks from the twitter brief of 2018, I know it kind of our job to make some noise for companies but there is a sense of separation of you and the brand when doing that but with local it becomes kind of personal, so you don’t wanna mess up a great cafe spot because you messed up their marketing or worse, you saying your going to posters for them and later saying you can’t due to finding a cooler subject to work on. Imagine their disappointment. I can’t deal with that on my mind.


Even still it took us a while to find any place which was both interesting and willing to let us do ads for them. We did start with something cool, the Japanese knife shop in pop Brixton but the guy there was being kind of a dick, asking us to show our portfolio before thinking about doing ads for him. Tarun fell in love with the Ethiopian food stall after eating the lady’s curry and wanted posters for her stall, sadly when pressed for any USP she couldn’t come up with one and we hand to turn her down. Tried egg guy but it seemed like it wouldn’t go anywhere. We later found out about a local chocolate museum in area which was quite interesting since it was the only one in London in fact. We went over there to talk to the lady but it was raining super hard and she didn’t seem to want to talk which made super dejected.


But thankfully my partner in crime was determined to make ads for the chocolate museums and came the next week to ask again. The next time we went to the museum we were greeted with a cute chocolate maker lady which even to this day me and my partner are fighting over who gets to flirt with her first. (FYI it’s me Tarun) once we got her permission to do some ads for her , we checked the place out, have to admit it’s small but very interactive. Each exhibit has it own chocolate to taste and digital scavenger game to play on which looks pretty fun. Although I have to say the highlight of the trip was the chocolate making class, you get to make truffles and learn about good quality chocolate, such as how to temper and good chocolate snaps. The classes are normally for school kids but I’m surprised the classes aren’t more popular with people our age, I mean most of them love licking stuff off their hands. Totally recommend people try the class out if you want some fun time out of the studio.


Also if you see Tarun tell him there’s only one chocolate king in SCA…


And it’s me…

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