Gem – By @CameronTurnerL1


I’ve been thinking a lot recently about life lessons from Mike`s masterclasses recently.

Before I explain my reason for writing about Mike`s masterclass let me explain briefly what they usually entail.  Mike is an ideas man but many of his classes are about life. He gets down to the nitty gritty of life as well, he showed us how his salary changed from start to finish, what his student life was like and how starting his own agency was interrupted. He explains kind of retrospective life choices he has made and now looks back on in either good or bad spirits, Mostly good though.

Anyway, one thing that is annoying (probably the wrong word) is in his classes, there are infinite amounts of wisdom in them. I just feel that I won`t remember all of them and that`s a shame because I get the feeling, I may experience some of those things soon and that wisdom will be useful. (As with all the mentors btw).

However, one gem I wish to hold on too until the end of the year is to just be nicer, I’m not mean or anything, but I think offering a hand or even showing appreciation for others work has completely changed the way I’ve viewed the course. Many people on my course have done this from start to finish and I admire that kindness and steady perspective. I think sometimes it`s easy to be absorbed in your own head especially at the SCA were everything is a competition. 

But were selling window cleaner, not weapons. 

Hope everyone is doing well, eating good and sleeping as well as possibly. 

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