‘We only get pissed off because we think we’re eternal’ D. Pearl – By @Arthur_Art_Dir

Arthur Harry

By Arthur Harry


We only get pissed off because we think we’re eternal’ D. Pearl


Christmas shopping’s ruthless rules are relatively new to me, it’s always easier to receive than to give gifts.

You should know that in south of France, small independent shops are like the vendor’s living room. They welcome you in their sacred sanctuary.

I was on my fifth store and only had my sister’s present covered, it became obvious that the day was going to be long. Very long.

I got in another one and didn’t properly close the door behind me, a mistake that can cost you a GAME OVER. The saleswoman jumped on the occasion to remind me how cold it was outside and how expensive the heating was and finally how much of an inconsiderate young man I was. After many hours of turning around in vain this was the straw that broke the camel’s back, she won the mental game. 

I didn’t reply immediately, instead I glanced at what the shelves had to offer and told her how absolutely shit it all looked and left leaving the door wide open.


On the spot this seemed like a rational and mature reaction to have. It never occurred to me that I might have been one of the many customers who did the same mistake, and that I wasn’t the one who was working during christmas. Or maybe she simply did deserve a bit of a “je t’emmerde”.


This reminded me that death is a clause in the contract that I signed on Day 1.


So fare I’ve never bothered to consider the fact that I’m going to die.


Thinking back on David’s session, I sort of understand how considering this inevitability will enable me to feel more anchored in the present reality.


Suddenly you value time for its ephemeral aspect and start to have compassion for every little things, by gently letting-go of resistance. 


You start picking your battles and spending energy on the things that truly matter, always staying humble and remembering that nothing is eternal.

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