Ways I get my creativity to flow.

I’ve lost all sense of creativity outside of working on briefs these last few weeks. Completely shattered and fried, I have zero brain space for anything fun left. Reflection slides are things that are really fun and yet I can never come up with something interesting.

These are some ways I’ve tried to relax so I can find joy again:

  1. Re-watching One Tree Hill has kept me in tune with really dramatic and human behaviour – I’m obsessed with their podcast Drama Queens!
  2. Watching Supernatural is currently reminding me of all the fun folklore and horror stories that can be tapped into
  3. Perusing through toddlers saying outrageously unfiltered things on Instagram
  4. Spending time with my hyperactive baby cousins who practically tear down my house and terrorise my puppy with love every time they come round
  5. Looking at the world’s most beautiful beachy locations and dreaming of the day I can step my toe into warm sands again
  6. Listening to Sister Nancy
  7. Listening to Jah Cure’s new album – ‘One More Time’ sings to my soul 
  8. Drawing people on Adobe Fresco (I should really be watercolour painting in real life… but with SCA there is no time to get paints and paper out, set up my desk, wait for it to dry, pack it all away)
  10. ACTUALLY SLEEPING FOR 8 HOURS – there is no joy or creativity if you don’t eat or sleep
  11. Seeing my friends at Gabriel Moses’ gallery show at 180 Strand

Thank you!


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