Happy New Year – By @bastien52530427

By Bastien Chazalette Zaco 


Happy New Year

 Happy New Year everyone.

One thing we will keep telling to every people we see for the next two weeks at least. It’s actually nice.

It seems that even if you speak to a stranger meet in the street, an Uber driver you’ll know for fifteen minutes in your life or the usual grouchy seller from the off-license, for two weeks you have this catchphrase that will light up the conversation.

That will start a classic talk with a small touch of brightness. Almost some hope. It feels like during this short period, everybody want to wish you his best possible thoughts for the coming year. And every interaction seems to be a bit more jovial. But would it be better if it could stay that way for the rest of the time? If all the classics’ daily conversations will be more pleasant? Maybe not.

It’s also because it happens during a short period that we noticed it I guess. And it would be annoying to live in such a world where every conversation, even the simplest or common ones will be decorated with some touches of kindness. I guess it couldn’t be that disagreeable but maybe a bit boring and fade. Leave tinsels to Christmas time. Fir trees are great because they sting. Interactions are interesting when you have to debate. Relations worth it if you think differently than the other. Actually, the world is probably better without too much kindness after all.

The society needs some conflicts to evolve. Not conflict where people killing each other, but conflicts that create something and everything. It comes from two, or more, personalities who disagree on something, start to debate, build their argumentations and act to do things that will make a difference. It’s important shit. Maybe all the point to begin a new year. Not to start everything again, but evolve. To something more enjoyable. Change everything you can to feel a bit better in a slightly better world.

And does it make a real difference to me that a stranger wishes me a Happy new year? I guess I feel good about it during the three next seconds, but after that, I still need to ask for my cigarettes and carry on with my day. I still need to figure out what changes I want to make during the year. What I am truly determinate to do. Because here is the point. Knowing what will make YOUR year better.

And every people on the planet could say it to you, you are the only person that can honestly wish you a happy New Year. Well don’t wish, just say it. Do it. Do shit. Make decisions and changes if you want to. And feel great about yourself being selfish for this one. Because the stranger who told you this so common catchphrase, just forget about you and your life the minute you close the door of his car. But you, you can keep thinking it. Make this year the time for new things. Make every day of your future life impact your existence with this positive selfish attitude.

So I wish myself a happy New Year. And I truly hope you’ll egoistically do the same.

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