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By Alex Mawby


Memoirs of a Mosher

Before I got completely run over with work, I kept a diary of my time at SCA.

Below are my entries for the first week, completely unedited and a little embarrassing.

Thought it might be interesting for you new lot, and even some of the old lot.

Day 1

  • So, first day of SCA.  
  • Hard to summarise.
  • Mad busy in the studio.
  • Don’t really feel l deserve to be there. Feel like a bit of an observer.
  • Big intro talk from Marc, defines creativity as ‘the expression of an idea that brings value’
  • Not sure about that. Spose it will do.
  • To be honest the whole day has been a blur – hard to pin down exactly what happened.
  • Arduino project very disappointing. Internet not working and then my code wouldn’t upload.
  • Gutted as my project was much better than I thought – compared to some other peoples.
  • Great to catch up with Marco who I met in San Francisco.
  • Met some interesting art director dudes – Ben + Frazer.
  • Very nice + cool.
  • Do I need to start thinking about partnerships?
  • Long day. Tired out.
  • Listened to Nudge on the train home. Wasn’t really listening. Maybe some of it went in?

Day 2

  • Today was much more positive.
  • Improv in the morning which was a lot of fun.
  • Back in my comfort zone.
  • Got to know people a bit better.
  • Martin or ‘mojo’
  • Sam – lived in Cali
  • Got chatting to a nice guy called Adam after improv. KCL English degree, but art director.
  • Cool guy – gay?
  • Feel quite aware of not finding my feet yet. Not being confident enough?
  • Tried to write my first SCAB at lunch. Couldn’t finish it.
  • Rest of the day spent with ‘Buddhist’ Ben.
  • Interesting guy with a crazy background.
  • Shaolin monk, lived in a monastery.
  • Lectured on mindfulness – being in the here and now. Not confused by the past or future.
  • Very interesting comments on the value of time and how obsessed we are with it in the Western world.
  • I feel like I am quite a mindful person already.
  • Meditating – IMPORTANT
  • Need a mantra.
  • Wrote a pretty rubbish SCAB when I got home.

Day 3

  • Set my alarm for 7.20 as going to visit an agency in SW London – Brave
  • Alarm didn’t go off!
  • Woke up at 8.45 – jumped out of bed, pulled clothes on and ran out of the door.
  • Quite stressful but I tried to remain MINDFUL and stayed calm.
  • Only 2 mins late. Result.
  • It was fine, Hannah (one of the mentors) was later than me.
  • Brave a small agency in Parsons Green.
  • Met executive creative director Bo Hellberg and senior art director Caroline Paris.
  • They showed us their work on El Jimador.
  • Bo was an interesting guy.
  • Had to do vox pops with staff.
  • Thrown in at the deep end. Ended up interviewing head of digital design despite not really having any idea what I’m talking about.
  • Very nice guy though.
  • People seem very open to talking to students which is great.
  • Headed out to coffee shop – Hannah bought us all a drink.
  • Finally felt more able to talk in a smaller group.
  • Got talking to Clarissa. She seems lovely.
  • The fact I’m a children’s entertainer came out. Everyone thought it was pretty funny.
  • Met Edward – very funny, incredibly dry sense of humour.
  • Mojo seems very honest and enthusiastic.
  • Lucy and Anna also in my group.
  • And Rob.
  • Visited R/GA.
  • Pretty dull tour of the offices.
  • Incredible talk from James Temple though, ECD.
  • Really liked their responsive attitude towards culture and topical stories.
  • Interviews dragged afterwards, why didn’t I have lunch?
  • Walked back to Angel with Ed and got the train home. Fav person from today.
  • Passive aggressive note on my car about parking near someone’s house.
  • So British. I should collect them all together and make an exhibition.


Day 4

  • Woke up and Mum was having a go about making a mess.
  • Felt like I dealt with it in a MINDFUL way. Just walked out of the kitchen.
  • After a masterclass from Marc in branding and positioning we spent the day decorating ceramics.
  • We all had to decorate a mug with our own personal brand and then attempt a joint task with 8 bowls.
  • We were given Andy Warhol as a subject.
  • It was a relaxing day. My mug was decorated with a (Y) sign. It didn’t look great but we’ll see after it gets blasted.
  • Good way to get to know everyone better.
  • Particularly like Sam – seems like a solid guy.
  • Nina also a strong personality.
  • Our bowls task was great, we stacked them up to look like a can of Campbell’s soup.
  • Weirdly proud of our little bowl collection.
  • Rushed out a reflection slide. Could have been better, should have asked someone first but still a bit intimidated by a few.
  • Need to practice photoshop.
  • French Fiona nice but quiet – I find it hard to talk to her cause I’m so bad with accents.
  • Edwina a very odd one – can’t put my finger on it.
  • Blowjobs in libraries?
  • At the pub finally spoke to everyone properly.
  • They all seem like an amazing group of people.
  • Most preconceptions proved completely wrong.
  • Went to KFC with Ed halfway through the night. Enjoyed that part a little bit too much.
  • Marcella is lovely – hugely passionate, and I’m not just falling into Italian stereotypes.
  • Elin is a massive flirt. Very smart though.
  • Georgia really went for it with the dancing in the pub.
  • Strange convo with Lawrence as I was leaving.
  • Pugh is an enigma, don’t get him yet at all.
  • Teddy seems pretty wise and honest about fucking up last year, which I respect him for.
  • Shame my girlfriend couldn’t make it out. She has to meet these people who are going to take over my life.


Enjoy it SCA 15/16.

And cheers, MOSH.


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