This Scab is late. Super late. And I apologise. 

I always knew it was going to be mission impossible attending the SCA this year but when I got the news that I’d been accepted, there was absolutely no way I wasn’t attending. 

I didn’t want to presume this before starting school but now that I’m nearly a full term in, I think I can safely say there isn’t another student here with more spinning plates than me. I won’t bore you with the details but i got a lot of s*** going on. I don’t think I underestimated this either, I think I really understood and appreciated this fact. My thinking was and always has been, where there’s an extreme challenge there’s potential for extreme growth.  

As a kid I used to do a lot of long distance running, representing both my secondary school and the South London region as a whole. Endurance was always my thing and if i’m completely honest, i never really found long distance running that hard, i mean all you really had to do was breathe and find a rhythm. One thing I used to do which always pissed everyone off was sprint at the final stretch. When I say sprint I mean sprint. Come to think of it, I genuinely don’t know how I used to always be able to do that, but I did it. 

I guess that mentality is just part of my nature. 

But here’s the thing NOBODY gives a s*** and I’m certainly not as young and fit as I used to be. Relying on natural ability for MISSION/s IMPOSSIBLE is just dumb. Also a big part of loving a challenge is loving the knowledge of how you would even approach it, like what is your strategy for dealing with tall orders? 

First of all, I’m learning that I need to f’ing communicate. 

I think my biggest problem is that I don’t want to sound like a tool (excuse me im from South London)  just running through a long list of all my happenings. I actually get uncomfortable after saying just one or two things from the long list of things. Marc (Dean at SCA) didn’t even know I was expecting a baby until a couple weeks ago, and i didnt tell him either, he overheard it and to be honest that’s just poor from me. Maybe my thinking stems from growing up the way I did and understanding everyone has stuff going on and that it’s impolite to act like you’re the only one. Outside of having a new bubba, i’m ………………… nah see i can’t do it lol. I actually typed out a full list but felt like too much of a pleb and had to delete. 

The moral of the story is I’m not Superman and even if I was, no one really respects that all-capable, tough guy, show off p**** anyway. So I’m going to try to help myself by just communicating and not pretending to be from another flipping planet. If i’m constantly acting as if juggling a million things at once isn’t hard then I can’t get annoyed, frustrated or even surprised when I’m held to those standards. I took on this challenge because I love learning but a big part of learning is figuring out the best and the most honest ways to be true and kind to yourself so you don’t burn out, because honestly nobody i mean nobody really respects the man that thinks he can do and handle it all. 

The End.


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