Testicles have tastebuds – By @rubyq

By Ruby Quince



Testicles have tastebuds


Researching around briefs is probably my favourite part of the process. It’s almost always the source of the idea. It’s a great way of getting past first thoughts and finding a way in.


Quite often I’ll go a bit too far, and work out how something works when there’s no need to know, or I’ll be lost down a rabbit hole. Last night I was literally trying to understand the equation for relativity, just because i was using it in an execution. Still, it’s better than losing an hour on Love Island.


I’ve got a little folder where I store facts that I find along the way. I guess I think that perhaps they’ll be useful at some point. It’s hoarding, of sorts. I thought perhaps I should do a bit of a Marie Kondo spring cleaning, so here are some of the oddities I’ve found along the way. They all relate to a brief: can you guess what product or category they are for?


Testicles really do have tastebuds. Apparently they can tell between salt and sweet.


Half of bank robberies are in a Friday.


The first thing to form on a human embryo is the asshole.


Alcoholics decompose faster than most people when they die. You’d think the opposite, wouldn’t you?


Ancient Egyptians used to shave off their eyebrows to mourn the death of their cats.


Bee testicles explode after they’ve mated, and they die. Is there ANYTHING bees do that doesn’t kill them?


Mount Kilimanjaro has mobile signal. It’s the highest mountain with signal.


Be careful  where you bury dead bodies. Nitrogen emitted helps vegetation grow, so you’d have have a weirdly fertile patch if you buried one beneath a lawn.


If you’re allergic to chocolate you’re probably allergic to cockroaches.


Mushrooms are genetically closer to humans than trees.


It’ll take about 72 standard. helium-filled balloons to lift a chihuahua.


It’s illegal to carry salmon (specifically) suspiciously in the UK.


Pig orgasm: 20 mins.


You’re 13 times more likely to get killed by a falling coconut than a shark (not a falling shark, obviously). You’re also more likely to get killed by a falling vending machine.


A Kindle full of books weighs slightly more than one without any downloads.


Skipping is the most energy efficient way of traveling by foot.


Bears East loads of grass and twigs before they hibernate to make them constipated. This is to stop them waking up needing a turn-out mid hibernation.


Eating your bogies/boogers helps the immune system deal with bacteria. It’s the right thing to do.


923 words break the ‘i before e’ rule; 44 follow it. Screw that rule.


An adult dog is about as intelligent as your typical 2 year old, in that it recognise about 150 words (really?), count up to 4 or 5, intentionally lie to get stuff it wants and recognise errors in basic computations. I’m really not sure about this one, so I’ll leave it there.

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