Cold Feet.

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The first scab I sent Marc was a list of my top 5 favourite telly ads. I was happy with it, but Marc wanted me to talk about me and how Im preparing for SCA. So if your not interested (I don’t blame you) stop here ←
I don’t really know how to explain that without talking about why I’m preparing for SCA.. again.

Cold Feet.

I had them, and they were freezing. 
Last year I was about to begin the notorious final stretch of the SCA course when I realised I wasn’t ready. It wasn’t that I didn’t feel ready in the sense I didn’t think my portfolio would be good enough (although it definitely wasn’t at the time), I felt not ready in that I didn’t think I could commit myself to the industry yet.
I love advertising, I really fucking do. I’ve grown up surrounded by it my whole life, which sounds stupid because so has the majority of people on the planet, but for me it was closer to home then that. I can remember the adverts of my childhood better then I can remember the tv shows. The red bull wings cartoons, the child road safety hedgehogs, the anti smoking ads, the Nike park life, it’s weird I know but I’m obsessed. I did shit at school and didn’t really enjoy any subjects, but I knew that when I left I would have a crack at advertising.
I joined SCA knowing that this was going to be the place for me, but realised that actually I wanted more time to practice, to fail, to win, and to learn. SCA is a wonderful, constantly improving course and as soon as the thought occurred to me that I might be able to study for two years, I became fixated with it. Marc said no at first but eventually gave me his blessing. I then tried to win the scholarship competition I was running for next year under very dubious circumstances but hey we sell or we die right?
Anyway here I am 5 days aways from being able to do it all again. The cold feet I had in easter have been replaced by a red hot pair that would make Alexis Sanchez look like a lethargic sloth. This is my final year of studying and I can’t wait to emulate the success of the people on my course last year who did so well. Marc and the team thank you and I promise you won’t regret it.

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