Edwina’s made up meditation technique, by @EdwinaKhayat

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By Edwina Khayat



I realised during the stress management session we had on Friday that the technique I came up with to get me to sleep is very similar to meditation. I haven’t done my research and this might be a real thing that people already do, but I’ll just share it here in case anyone else is tired of going through every single embarrassing moment they’ve lived through every time they try to sleep.

I’ve never been a good sleeper. I’ll try to find a cold side of the pillow for hours before I can finally doze off. I’m well versed in the art of counting down the hours of sleep I can still get if I sleep RIGHT NOW.

So after years of tossing and turning I finally came up with a technique that actually works (most of the time) for me.

I’ll find a comfortable position, relax, close my eyes, and imagine myself floating out of my body. The trick is to distract your mind with details. Once you’re floating on top of your bed, start flying upwards slowly.

Picture yourself, your room, your building, your street, your city, the country.

Or see yourself doing everything you’d do if you were on your way to catch a plane. Walk to the door, grab your suitcase, walk down the stairs, walk out of the building, walk to the tube station, swipe your oyster card… all the way to the airport.

Then fly away to wherever, as long as you picture every detail. Places you’ve been before. An old home that you miss. See the street that leads up to that home. Sit under the tree you used to climb. Climb the tree. Feel its texture with your fingers. Go to the beach. Check in on your parents. If you’re not asleep by then, go somewhere else.

It takes some effort to focus on all the details, and it’s easy to skip ahead. I can’t say for sure that skipping ahead means you won’t fall asleep, but details work for me and I’m sticking with them.

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