Violence – By @PavouxAlison

By Alison Pavoux



I choose to work in advertising, but why?

I always knew I wanted to do advertising. Actually, I am lying. I was fourteen and I wanted to do advertising because I had seen a lot of great add (and when I say great add I actually mean pretty add, what is completely different). I wanted to do advertising to do pretty things.

After high school I began to study advertising, I have been in strategy for two years, then I spent one year in art direction and now I am in SCA.

If I have to remember one thing from those 4 years it would be that doing advertising is not doing pretty things. I was wrong and I am glad I was, because what advertising does is so much better than just being pretty. A lot of persons call us liars and manipulators, I think it is a shame. I don’t consider myself like this, I think advertising can actually do real good things and make the world better in some way. We are learning how to be a good creative, have great ideas and generate powerful campaigns. I believe it can change people behaviours in a really good way. What I think is better than helping a company to develop its brand, is to champion a cause you believe in.

There is plenty causes I would be more than happy to work on and help things to change. One of the topic I feel concern by at the moment is domestic violence. Any type of controlling, bullying, threatening or violent behaviour, including emotional and psychological abuse. I read and watched many witnesses of any type of domestic violence, mostly about battered woman and children, but also witnesses of parents who repeat those act on their kids. I tried and I am still trying to understand what happen in abuser’s brain when they lose control. The witness I watched which shocked me the most was a woman with three children. Her first boy was 5 and he literally was everything to her, she affirmed that she would kill herself if something would happen to him. Anyway, she decide to have another kid, and she was pregnant of twins. Not even born yet she already hated one of them for who knows what reason. Lucky one have been the first twin. She said right on camera that she would never love her third child, that she was annoy and angry just seeing him. She began to punch and shake him after three weeks. She putted him in a foster family because she knew she would kill him. Every year two thousands babies died for having been shaken, and half of them will be unable.

There were other witnesses with older kids been pushed on the floor and kicked for didn’t tidy their room. Abusers were crying telling their stories, but I would understand what psychologically happen into their brain when their start to be violent.

I wish I could figure out and help causes I believe in through advertising.

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