Don’t you dare back down – By @AsforAlex

By Alexandra Sims



                                                       Don’t you dare back down


I would like to take a minute to address any prospective SCA students, whether you’re considering applying or you’ve already been booked to come to an interview day. The reason for this is that every interview day there will be at least one or two people that drop out due to ‘personal reasons’. While that in itself is absolutely fine, they don’t tend to reschedule. Which leads me to believe there are a lot of people out there bottling it.

There are plenty of great blog posts with tips about how to prepare for an SCA interview day or what to expect once you’re there, but I know there are some talented no-shows.
Are you really nervous? Great, it means you care. Let your legs tremble and trip over your words if that’s what it takes for you to be present, because I guarantee you won’t be faulted for baring your guts, but the world doesn’t have time for those who don’t try. 

I think the word regret is stronger than loss and sometimes more sad because regret is something you have control over. When you think back to a time you didn’t go through with something, that would have made a difference to yourself or others for the better, it niggles at you and we shouldn’t drag what-ifs around with us.

During Q&A when Marc asks the room if anyone’s thought of quitting the course and I’m apparently 1 of only a handful that haven’t, know that it’s not because I’m conceited or even confident but because I really hate having to quit and regret plagues me more than failing ever could. If the question was ‘have you thought of failing?’ then I’d have to clarify if he meant how often. So if backing out has crossed your mind, I hope you realise it’s harder in the long run and if you’ve already dropped out, but you’re not sure you should have, then ask for another chance.

I said I was writing this to advise prospective students but this is as much for myself as it is for you. We’re so close to the end and yet the remaining task seems mammoth, I have to create a book I’m proud of.
The teams with the highest scoring books could take it easy as they’ve already done enough to earn a placement but they won’t. Some are bored of their books, despite nearing 9 out of 10 they’ll come back after half term with more new stuff than they need. Even when they’re in the lead they won’t stop trying and I won’t back down from chasing them. If you compared teams by the scores we’re on now you might think I wouldn’t have a chance at catching up but SCA doesn’t have clear cut winners, only those who do and those who could do more and I think we fluctuate between them. I’m in a new partnership and we have a few weeks to rebuild a book with the same amount of work that once took us 6 months. Now is not the time to lose my nerve, no matter how far off catching up seems.

 I sometimes worry I’ll fail but I know I’ll never back down.

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