5 pieces of writing – By @DJayDancer1

By Daniel Johnson



Today’s scab will be 5 pieces of writing with a prompt and 100-word target.


Writing prompt 1: A team of scientists have successfully teleported an apple. It reappears with a bite taken out of it.


The apples appeal cast man from heaven.


A few years later, the apple would again descend from its birthplace. This time smashing insight into newtons brain, delivering gravity.


Today it’s not quite sure what the apple would bring, a gift or a curse.


Either way, it felt to be the only object-fit to take humanities understanding of reality to a new paradigm.


12 stood in the room but not all were in agreement.


It is natural for humans to tamper with things they don’t understand. But some thought this was a risk not worth the reward.


The protesters were removed.


Writing prompt 2: Every day, you visit the same moment from your past.


Today I went back to the day she left me.


Today I held her in my arms as she escaped.


Today she bravely did what she needed to do.


Today I covered my pain with an unconvincing smile.


Today I ordered her to hold on and fight.


Today we gave up hope and melted.


Today I felt nothing where the stew of emotions usually resides.


Today I wanted to visit our first meeting, I couldn’t.

Today I. I would rather forget today.


Today I woke up from the reoccurring nightmare.


Today I wanted to go back, just to be closer.


Writing prompt 3: You buy your son a teddy bear. Every night, the bear protects your son from the monsters in the dark.


When dad leaves the room, ted comes to life.


Dad said that he’s my guardian.


I don’t really get what he means but Ted understands. He always tells me Dad gave him an important mission.


He’s super soft but he can still fight off monsters because he knows karate.


He stays right by my side and stays up all night watching over me. The evil shadow monsters can’t get me because he’s here.


My best friend says he doesn’t have a Ted, his is a unicorn called Apple. I wonder if Apple has to fight off monsters every night too.

Writing prompt 4: A love story that starts and ends in 24 hours.


Right swipe.


Right swipe.




In the back of our minds, we realise the chat could not be any drier. But I’m willing to put up with it because…


I mean look at him. Omg, he’s so f**king fit.


It’ll make my friends jealous.


And dating him would make me hot too right?


We all know the dream of so-called ‘’love’’ our parents were sold is a lie. This connection is all about what the other person means for me. We have nothing to give each other and nothing to owe.


He will be my world today and forgotten tomorrow.


Writing prompt 5: An elderly person finally takes the last picture on a film camera they’ve had for decades. Today they’re going to print it.


The photos were supposed to document progress. But looking at them made me feel like nothing had changed, that the sacrifices we made still cast a shadow over life.


I hid the camera in the loft and forgot.


Until my grandson crawled up there, dug out the camera and took one of himself. I couldn’t let such a precious memory rot away, so I had them developed.


How funny to see the old streets of London, soldiers and then my grandson. I guess change feels slower behind the camera, yet it happens anyway.


Why not capture, hold and treasure it.

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