I need to find a partner. – By @shein_dean

By Dean Shein



I need to find a partner.

These last few weeks have been difficult. I don’t have a partner and it’s my own fault. 
I’ve been ‘the challenge the brief kid’ since day one. 
I personally feel like I’m not taken seriously. This a shame. 
No-one knows my potential except me. 
102 Days to go and I don’t really feel great.
102 Days to go and there are already regrets.
102 Days to go and people are not lining up to partner with me.
102 Days to go and I’m still lamenting about March.
102 Days to go and I feel like I just don’t get it.
102 days to go and everyday I arrive I notice teams just cracking on with their work.
102 Days to go and I’m overthinking my every move.
102 Days to go and I decided to stay silent last week.
102 Days to go and I have just been down.
102 Days to go and it all feels like a haunting whirlpool.
102 Days to go and Peter Souter can’t come in today.
102 Days to go and 216 days have passed. 
102 Days to go and I learnt from Pete that we are mind controllers.
102 Days to go and Mike walked me home from school assuring me that I’ll get it soon.
102 Days to go and over the weekend I came in and helped some Aussie girls get creative.
       – Let me just say they were so inspirational. Their ideas were simple. No overthinking. Lucy White Pencil Jr. 
102 Days to go and Opportunity for some reason is still here. 
102 Days to go and I fed the homeless.
102 Days to go and I caught up with friends.
102 Days to go and DJ is knocking out some innovative stuff. 
102 Days to go and Cathy Dennis is driving me crazy. 
102 Days to go and Dalston seems to be the place.
What I’m finally learning is that you don’t have to go batshit bonkers for the sake of it. Dave Dye and his partner Sean Doyle were absolutely looney. Dave ran around the office with a telephone book screaming like a child with excitement… He would also show all of his workings. A crazy Sean, smoked fags and worked alone in the attic. Marc said Sean earned this right because within the work, and there was lots of it, was a big idea. They were nuts but they were both geeks… Religious in the pursuit of perfection. I’m still not an ad geek yet… Genius work, like the work of Peter Souter, is just simple and unexpected. It works, but in a way that makes you smile. Like a joke. I can do this. I really can. But I just need to settle down. There has never been a better time for a reset. This term has just felt manic. I really have neglected my health in the process as well. Antonio has been a ray of light. It’s all about timing really. About who frees up and when they do. There’s still time. Really. Term 3 will see a lot of already cemented partnerships crumble. Then I shall have to pounce. But it’s up to me to prove that I’m the perfect match.
I need to let my work speak.
Time to build a book in a week.
And I’m still sitting here… scabing.

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