Don’t fuck it up

Don’t fuck it up

There aren’t too many opportunities, that come around like this.

The fact you’re surrounded by a unique amount of creative people and sometimes varying opinions…

Definitely varying opinions.

We are in the first after of the end game here. Christmas is around the corner, I still can’t believe I got in, there is definitely a lot that has happened within this short period.

There are moments when I am looking back at my journal and consider just putting my head into the ground like an ostrich, and waiting for my subconscious mind to have that EUREKA moment. Find that great idea that will save me.

I really enjoyed Alan Burles town hall going through his creative career and non-conventional way of journalling through photos. It is something that I have always wanted to do with analogue based camera’s. Caring an analogue camera everywhere I would go on finding small moments to take photos, documenting through my life. Trying to find the little interesting moments to take photos. 

I Found this on one of my trips around the tube and found it pretty interesting Mainly because it changed the Preconceived notion of what a London tube underground sign would look like to acknowledge Black history month and create awareness for it. 

As well as looking one of the Smirnoff ads from early 90’s, using an different viewpoint which I thought could be interesting for an video that i’m trying to work.  

I’m still trying to train myself up to find, mess, idea/Thoughts throughout my day although is a bit harder then you are online. Looking at old work from D&AD, The Drum Awards etc. 

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