Notes of Put that on a t-shirt: If I were you, isn’t the insight – By @karolinakezdi

By Karolina Kezdi


Notes of Put that on a t-shirt: If I were you, isn’t the insight


Vikki Ross had mentioned yesterday, how much she loves traveling. I love traveling, too, and I think this is the most common statement on Tinder bios. Anyway, I really do love travelling and I spent all my spare money on it (currently i don’t have any, even though I keeping the Sober October, still). I’m a huge fun of error fares, ticket changer sites, and I’m even a member of Miss Travel. This app,like of the innocent name, is one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen in my life. Basically a Sugar Daddy site, where the wealthy man will send you return first class tickets and some “pocket money” to visit the Victoria Secret on the airport and after him and after more than welcome to join him in the “chocolate sensation with 24k gold sprinkles couple massage”.


To be fair, it’s really tempting, and strictly speaking this absolutely requires the new habits we have to pick up; challenge yourself all the time, get into other peoples skin, be fearless, take risks and do something you never done before. This is definitely out of my comfort zone, but…  In this case conviction beats the curiosity. Sometimes not.

Eating whale bacon or fugu, the poisoning fish or kodu or ostrich or alligator or a stew from cocks’s balls was something I must have if I have the opportunity to try but I couldn’t taste a dog in Indonesia.


I love sharing experiences like this, because makes me more engaging, more impressive, more badass. Like when I went for partying with three Tank Commander men wearing their uniform, who had the monthly leave from the army, or I did burpees naked simultaneously with a stranger who told me he was a healer, under a hidden waterfall or spent the lunch break in a maid themed coffee, where the men in expensive suits from the offices nearby was singing together with the girls on the stage in the most honest delirium, what i just wish to feel least once in my life.


Until now I used this stories to sell myself, impress or entertain my audience. I started to use them for practice. They represent my target audience, who I want to sell the product. I created their personas. How were they feeling, what their body language revealed I never cared about before, how culture determined their behaviour, how much personal information they shared me, what was their motivation to contact me, how would they tell our story for someone else. If they even remember the story, what is one of the best of mine.

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