The world from Alfie’s perspective

I awake from my slumber snuggled up on the soft velvety sofa. Cosy. The light strains in through the window. Nobody’s around. Just how I like it. I stretch out and a pang of hunger vibrates through my stomach. Just another morning at home.

I roll off the sofa and I trot out of the house, nobody’s about right now. It’s strange, the streets are pretty quiet. No humans around. It’s peaceful but there’s nobody to give me attention, to perform for or to give me praise. 

Slight inertia has kicked in. Maybe I can wreak havoc somewhere to entertain myself. So I head towards the park. I see a few babies in prams that I quietly hiss at just to mess with them for fun. And then I get to the park. A few people head over to me but they seem cautious. They don’t want to come close. I whine at people for attention. After I’m done with the park I head home again. 

The house is stirring now. Everyone’s been at home for a while now, so I’ve had a lot of extra fuss made over me. They’re almost awake now so I sit on the stairs and whine for attention.

Where’s Issy?

I’ll go and bother her soon. 

I scratch at her door. I can hear voices booming from the room. I manage to open it and I burst in.  She’s sat at her desk. She’s busy so it’s the perfect time to disturb her. I’ll sit on her lap. The voices are coming from the laptop. Sounds like people are there. Someone to see me?

I head towards her and pounce on her lap. Give me attention! She says no, not now. I get pushed off but I won’t take no for an answer. Get down! But I jump back up again and I walk all over the table, putting my paws on her laptop. 

Begrudgingly, she finally lets me sit on her lap. 

I can see myself on screen. Just what I like, to be noticed.

I catch sight of my name on the screen.

Who is that… Alfie… Souter…

I squint at the screen and shuffle around a bit to make my presence known.

Hm.. Not a patch on me.

Alfie the cat.


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