Behind-the-scenes heroes

It’s only Monday and I’m already exhausted but it’s my turn to write a SCAB and it doesn’t write itself. As I’m typing this, I’m meant to cook dinner for my partner who’s on a call, but surely, the kind words that follow will feed his soul in a way pesto pasta never could.

And kind words will follow indeed because this is an appreciation post for my partner – the life one that is, not the creative one (although they too deserve a whole SCAB written about them). It’s no secret that holding down a job while studying at SCA is incredibly tough, bordering impossible. While I’m busy stressing over deadlines, giving myself daily near-heart attacks and meticulously using every single atom of energy I possess, he makes sure I stay alive.

Sickening love declaration coming up. Don’t say you weren’t warned. 

–   Thank you for taking care of many more house chores than I do. Our clothes would live permanently on the drying rack if it wasn’t for you.           

–   Thank you for making sure I eat and for getting disappointed when I forget. Without you, I’d be a size zero by now (so are you really doing me a favour?).

–   Thank you for sorting out all our bills. The days would be so much worse if a hot shower wasn’t waiting for me at the end of them.

–   Thank you for dragging me out of my office chair at least a few times a day. Making sure my future isn’t as grim as this is in the best interest of both of us.

–   Thank you for helping me do my taxes. Just thanks!  

–   Thank you for making sure we see our friends. Would they even remember my name if it wasn’t for you?         

–   Thank you for putting up with my back-to-back Zoom calls. And for pretending you know who the people I talk with are.          

–   Thank you for reminding me that it is, in fact, possible to talk about other things than SCA. Although SCA is the center of the universe, right?           

–   Thank you for the random dances in the middle of the day. Swinging the hips is a surprisingly effective way of generating ideas and I would strongly recommend it.  

–   Thank you for putting up with me when I complain about how exhausted I am. And for the hugs that say “I hear you but now get over yourself”.       

–   Thank you for always believing in me. It’s gold whenever self-doubt and the imposter syndrome kicks in.          

–   Thank you for doing all the adulting while I’m busy chasing an old dream. And thank you for not even once complaining about it.

And would you look at that… while I’ve been typing away, the pesto pasta has magically cooked itself. Except, it isn’t magic. It’s a behind-the-scenes hero that makes sure that I get as much out of my time at SCA as possible. If, like me, you have one of those, don’t forget to tell them how grateful you are for their support (and remind them that there are only a few more months left now…).

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