80% introversive. By @caminobbe

By Camille Noble


80% introversive.


That is what says the personality test about me, the test that we all did for the last group SCAB. 80% is quite a lot and it’s pretty close to 100. It is not really a big surprise. But I was a little upset that even someone who didn’t know me can notice that so easily.


An introvert is someone who pays more attention to reflexion than to interaction. He is quite hesitant about the « outside world ». And he analyzes the situation each time before possibly reacting. He is not really spontaneous and feels good basically in usual situations. I read that the difference between introverts and extroverts is actually biological. The sensitivity to dopamine is different. Lower for introverts who will feel comfortable when there are fewer people especially if they know these people. While extroverts will be very satisfied when social interaction is strong, if they talk to many people and meet new ones.


On the contrary, introverts shut up when there are too many people. It can be annoying or disadvantageous sometimes and particularly if you are in a class with 50 people. And really boring on the daily life. I think of a lot of things but I don’t say a tenth. In some situations it’s certainly useful not to say what you have on your mind. But not daring to speak is so restrictive and frustrating. I do sometimes regret some moments and I can just imagine how it would be if I said this or that.


So speaking is not my cup of tea. Too bad, this is the main way of communication for the everyday life. That is probably  why I choose to become an art director, to express myself more with pictures, images and less words. Introversion is something obvious with me. This is something I don’t really hide and it’s not something I’m proud of, it’s something I maybe could have done without. It’s seems easier to be an extravert. I’m not sure to really  understand extravert people but sometimes I can admire them. How can they speak so easily to everybody and about any subject ? I probably would like to be like them.


I try to make some efforts sometimes to have smaller percentage of introversion. Of course I will never be really different. I should continue to make some efforts but it’s part of myself and have to accept it. I also made some research about this. « Hello Google, what are the positives points to be introversive? ». I found some interesting answers. The first one is to be less bored than the others. Second, an introvert will be more attentive and have more concentration in general (except in big group conversation of course). Then it seems that introverts are more innovative. And the most interesting that I found is : an introvert needs lesser relations than an extravert to be happy!


I actually found only four on internet. But even if I like the last one about independency, I will do my own real list to be happy to be a 80% introversive.

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