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By @Elinjarlstrom




I’ve been told by people outside of school that our SCABs often tend to be quite emotional and heavy. I know for sure that I normally contribute to that.


But actually today, I’m trying out this new approach. Not because I totally forgot that it was my turn to write a SCAB that had to be sent in by 10pm on tuesday night.. But because I’m challenging myself to put down all I want to say in less than 20 minutes. Just like we do with the Metro briefs every wednesday.


So far I haven’t deleted any of the previous lines written, so I might as well keep on typing. So here we go. What do I want to talk about in my final SCAB for 2014? Well, in all honesty.

I don’t really know yet. But let’s see how it goes.


Christmas is coming up soon and I’m going back to Sweden.

Written word can’t describe the excitement that I’m feeling inside.

To say that it’s been an intense first term and some crazy four months to rap up 2014 is an understatement.

It’s been absolutely ridiculous.

What make me giggle and cry at the same time is that we all know that this is nada, niente, nothing compared to what’s coming for us.

Maybe Marc would rate it 60%, tops.


I must say though with a cheesy undertone that it has truly been a life-changing four months.

I’ve been falling in and out of love for advertising as many times as I’ve debated to early retire.

I have meet a wonderful group of 38 people, mentors and legends, all with different qualities that I respect and to some extent very much admire.


Knowing that I’m soon about to go home for a while to family and friends makes my heart very happy. But so does also knowing that not only do I have a second family to wish a Merry Christmas, but also one to come back to in January.

I guess you can call it a 20 minute SCAB of gratitude.

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