A bowl of salad in the seat of a wheelchair rolling down the street unassisted (with Diana Ross)







By @FrazerPrice


Things are going up a notch.


Monday is where things get real. On Monday we start working on advertising briefs in pairs. Up until now we’ve been playing nicey nice, massaging ideas, fun games and getting to know one another.


While writing this received a video of some young kids attempting parkour on Youtube. The quality was pretty damn awful to say the least and as one of boys rolled around on the floor I suddenly realised that that’s what it must have looked like watching me work these past three weeks. Spilling nonsensical madness on varying briefs.


I’ve been finding my feet.


Perhaps next week is the time for results. I’ll unleash the true potential of Frazer Price’s mind or perhaps I’ll just go on failing. Perhaps it’ll be the latter.


As the dial on Marc’s amp goes up to 11 and we all take a sharp intake of breath before scamping our little hands off. I’ll just remember that even a salad can dream of going downhill in a wheelchair.



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