INSPIRED – By @ggflrs

By Gémina Gil Flores



Sitting on the psychologist’s sofa two weeks ago really helped me to feel better. The idea that it’s bad to keep your feelings for you is definitely true. Dialogue can unlock situations and you can find through others eyes reassuring answers. That’s why I love loving people.

The first reason why I feel better is that I am much more comfortable with the language. Over these last weeks I started to become friends with more English people and spent more time with them, which is obviously the best way to improve. Thanks to these improvements, I am really enjoying being in class. Every day is different and you never know what is going to happen before climbing the SCA stairs in the morning. I mean, what is worse than a routine? As I said today when Pete asked us “what are our objectives?” I really want to keep learning something new every day in my life, and this is definitely happening right now… and I like it.

One other reason for my new state of mind is that I started feeling the London vibe, and wow. Sorry Paris, I love you but… I have rarely felt more inspired than now.

To be honest, before I came to London for SCA, I wasn’t really attracted by this city. I knew that something was happening here but I wanted to go farther and be confronted with fundamentally different cultures. How impressed I was when I figured out that there is such diversity, only 2 hours from Paris. You don’t just feel diversity through the people, but everywhere, every minute, every time you raise your head to look around you.

I recently went to Shoreditch for Polly Nor exhibition ( and I was lost. Not literally lost, but mentally. Like when your mind is receiving a lot of different information in a short amount of time. When you don’t know where to look because there is always something new to see. A new piece of street art. A new stylish shop. A new fancy bar. A new building. A new gallery. A new park. A new musician in the street. New smells of a new restaurant. Every second.

I also went to Tate Modern which is one of the best museums I have visited for now (Just after Center Pompidou in Paris). I really love modern art, it makes me feel something. I have seen amazing works of art from artists like Duchamp, Monet, Mondrian, Dali, Dubuffet, Warhol, and many others. As creative people, I think that we have a lot to learn from all these artists who spent their lives breaking the rules of traditional art in Europe, what changed the history, and it wasn’t easy to do. Thanks to them, we are free to create now. I could talk about this for hours…

But what does this represent to me…? Inspiration. It’s like I have all the ingredients of the recipe and now I can start cooking. I have all I need to create, I just have to do it. I started by doing something I have wanted to do for a while which is starting a new Instagram account dedicated to my graphic design work (@ggflrsdsgn). I have some other things I would like to do, for example: spending a night taking photographs of the city lights, making videos of random people in the street, buying flowers, discovering small hidden galleries and spreading my work all over the street. By chance I found other people in the class with the same desire to do these kind of things, and it’s always better with others!

Let’s do it 🙂 Gémina

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