Oh, and another thing – By @shepherd_sc

Oh, and another thing

Oh, hey, didn’t see you there. Hmm it’s been a while, what should I say, what should I talk about? Well… now I don’t think I have one continuous thought to speak on or reflect on, I have a lot of things on my mind, well maybe not on my mind per-se. I mean technically they’re in my mind… what I’m trying to say is I’m just going to touch on a few things. 

Recently I was thinking on exactly how messenger pigeons actually become messengers, how do you even figure out that the best bird is a pigeon? I mean what even makes you think of a bird? And how does the bird know where to go and then come back? Oh, and another thing, SCA is over halfway through now. I’m seriously hoping I’m not the only one who’s freaking out and sweating but the sweat is nervous, and it doesn’t even want to perspire. I won’t lie I feel so unprepared for the end, honestly, I still feel like I am at the beginning still. I mean I’m doing me you know? I am working on things, but it feels like things are not working or it just feels like all the crews are not loose they are not there everything is switched off there’s just nothing. I do have to say it is what I was feeling until not too long ago.

Oh, another thing I’ve been running like crazy recently, 8Ks everyday…trying to. I could perceive it as, a chance I get to run away from things, especially my doubts for a second, well… 43 minutes. Guess what? I remembered another reason why I started running in the first place, because I am tired of my stomach sitting next to me on the sofa…damn you Covid and your Covid weight ways! When that clicked back to me why I was doing this. All those times my breath was trying to catch a breath was because I wanted to achieve something. It made me realise what I wanted again. Running not only gave me a second wind to having the sofa by myself, but a second wind in reminding myself what I really want. Just like when I was heavier it was harder to run but I have been shredding the weight and I am improving. 

Just as I said before, I did not have any screws, I’ve started looking for them, if I can’t find then I’ll get new ones. Right now, I’ve caught my second wind and each day I’m reminding myself of what I want. Oh, and another thing I met a new mentor today, Mr Cee he’s a comedian you best believe my work going to be funny, damn I love this school. Like you tell me of any other school that employs a comedian… well aside from actual comedy schools. Oh, and another thing I like physics and figuring out how the universe functions but check this out, scientists have been able to teleport bits of information from one atom in a specific location to another atom that is miles/mile (can’t quiet remember) away through them being entangled how nuts is that!? Till next time. Peace.

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