A timeline of SCA’s most iconic moments

Call me Scabify Unwrapped because THIS is the scab you’ve been waiting for.

Throughout SCA’s history, I have compiled a list of iconic moments. From the most scandalous moments to the ads that truly moved me (and everyone else). Here they are. Enjoy and be prepared to have a few tissue wipes next to you as I guarantee you’ll be crying with laughter (or in despair)…

1. “Kill the baby” reflection by Gwen

2. Wotsits topical ad by Rob and Liv

3. Trek Bar Gate (Until this day, we still don’t know who ate Charlie L’s trek bars…)

4. Finding out our mentor Iain Lee was previously on I’m a Celebrity Get me Out of Here

And then finding out HE was the one who ate everyone’s creamy strawberries with Amir Khan. Watch the iconic video here.

5. Hope’s infatuation with kiwis

6. Rohmarra and Tara’s Be Real campaign for the Royal Marine Cadets

7. Tesco’s “Black out” campaign by Lara and Jamaal

8. Aimee’s xmas card (Turning the entire school into Love Island contestants.)

9. Annie & Pascaline’s “Gucci” case study


11. Ian instantaneously shouting “WAKE UP ANDREW!!!” in the middle of his typography masterclass.

12.  Dave’s ICONIC laugh that goes like HEHAIHIHIHIEHAHAHAha

…That I can even from two stories up.

13. Fred’spersonal take” on saliency…

14.The dope yoga class we had at the beginning of the year

15.  When we found out Pip actually ate someone’s headphones


15. The crumpet race

Aaaand here it is! These are the 15 top moments of SCA 2022-2023 that I will always hold dear to my heart. 

P.S If you didn’t make the cut, do not fret. A part two version of my next scab will be released soon. (or perhaps you should fret and try harder to be more iconic this time around.)

If you have a favourite SCA moment, I’d love to hear it. Tweet me, slack me, tell me about it in person. Feel free to be as savage as you want. Also shout out to Annie, Rohmarra, PJ and Nicole for helping me pick the top moments.

Much love



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