“Good taste is a curse” – Alex Taylor’s Art Direction Workshop

What does it take to be an art director? Restless nights thinking about layouts, obsessive thinking about typography, and a plagued sense of good taste – such is the life of a true art director!

After joining Alex Taylor’s workshop, our students realise it’s no easy feat in embarking on an art director’s path. Here are some of their thoughts after leaving Alex’s workshop last week:

Cat B

NEVER place the logo in the bottom right corner.


If you get stuck use a different pen. 


Communication must be at the core of everything we do.

Egan C

A devilish God is in the details. 

Liz E

Improve the ad by improving the idea. There’s no saving a bad ad.

Ellie K

Be obsessed with what others are doing, and then do the opposite. 

Hailee L

Find the person whose work amazes you, chase the person down and work under him/her


Ok, I have a confession, I’m totally obsessed

Khadar S

Learn to be stupidly obsessive with the tiny details and look into the AD work that you like, “wheel house of what they do.”

Klaudia M

Having good taste is a curse. 

Laura H

The concept comes first: always have a justification for design choices.

Sam P

Size is everything

Terry E

Improve the ad by first improving the idea.

Toni C 

Every art direction decision you make, must always be justified. 

Yem A 

God is in the details.

Zuza G 

Don’t seek praise.

Seek criticism. 

Find out more about Alexandra Taylor and her career in our short documentary film created by SCA alumni here

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