What are the odds? – By HUSH – The SCA Intake of 2018/19

By HUSH – The SCA Intake of 2018/19


What are the odds?

If you could bet on something happening in the next 24 hours, in SCA or in the outside world, what would you bet on and what odds would you give it?


What’s the odds of us not getting slaughtered for making this group scab late? Read on to find out this and even more interesting odds from your favourite collection of oddballs here at the SCA

Tom: the odds of me finally cracking this comedy thing and being funny. 100/1


Andy: A crowd of 15 commuters will gather by the doors of the train ready to board. The first person on will get up, turn around, and stand right there in the doorway. 1/2


I’ll make a point of barging past, hitting him with my bag or standing on his foot with a “shit, sorry mate.” Evens.


Alex T: My fourth wife Viveca stalking me on LinkedIn.


Lucy: Don’t understand odds really. But getting on the Northern Line at this god foreseen sake of hour seems nearly next to impossible.


Antonio: In the next 24 hours I surely I’ll have right eye even more red for looking at monitors too much and the circles around my eyes will be even darker. I’ll experience at least 20 different changing curves. I will feel I’m the best art director in the class. I will feel I’m the worst art director in the class. I’ll feel the pressure of SMPs, topicals, reflection, posters for the stairs, posters for mentors, thank you cards. I’ll keep the good vibes of the morning, I’ll listen to my favorite songs, I’ll be mindful and enjoy the little things. I also will practice the comedy performance and I’ll be even more aware it is not funny. I am not funny… See? I’ve just already experience the first changing curve. Welcome to SCA!

Saphire: DJ will you be my boyfriend?


DJ: The odds of me saying yes: 100.


Karolina: Jezus!


Josie: Me saying ‘how’s the PB’ more than 20 times in one day – gorgeous odds!


Vic: While walking to school I’ll get distracted and walk into a pole. When I wake up, I’ll discover I can speak fluent Latvian. 20:1 for Latvia, but I’ve got an inkling it might just be Latin instead.


Charles: I ask Ruby for snacks instead of buying my own. 2/1! I get called a “soy boy” by Joe Ribton and then fight him…5/1?  (I don’t know how odds work)


Joe R: I KO Charles in the 3rd round 7/5


Alex B: Odds of me cracking a Vday topical today. 5:1


Patxi: Whether or not Squirrel howls during our bet stars presentation


Ruby We’ll get some contradictory advice at school: evens. We’ll work out who to ‘lean into’ 2/1.


Mary: getting this comedy thing down 60/1


Maddy: The chances of me complaining that I’m tired or hungry 2/1


Jacob: The chances of me developing the basic math skills to work out how odds work – call the cops i’m off me chops 12/2123


Leonore: As we are in a church I would say there’s a big odd of god coming down to us and blessing all the sinners inside of our studio. 10/10


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