A Cheeseburger Pizza Review – By @CocoShellim

By Coco Shellim


A Cheeseburger Pizza Review



Marc’s email this afternoon saying I had a SCAB due today came as a bit of a surprise. So today I am going to review the Dominos cheeseburger pizza in 500 word detail (sorry, if you are reading this).

I spent New Years day like a lot of other people. Slept through most of it, armed with a takeaway, Netflix and painkillers. Thinking about the bullshit chat of last night discussing all the resolutions we were planning on making. I can safely say my promise of waking up early and all the new habits I was planning on forming/ breaking did not happen New Years day. It didn’t take long before I had a smoke too, promising myself it would be the last. The resolution of less junk food didn’t go far either.
We decided It was the prefect time to sample the new Dominos cheeseburger pizza. We’ve all had that flyer through the door and been curious and New Years day happened to be a Tuesday- can’t let the two for Tuesday go to waste.
Cheeseburger and Pizza. Our two favourite foods combined. This was either going to be revolutionary or wrong. No in between.
But, I am still unsure of how I feel about it. It was a really weird sensation, somehow Dominos had managed to nail the exact taste of a cheeseburger. If you closed your eyes and had a mouthful of a real cheeseburger and this pizza you would definitely be confused.
But the texture was all wrong. And what are you supposed to do with the garlic and herb dip?!
Here are the the ingredients:
Ground beef
Fresh tomato
Red onion
Pickle (on each slice)
Burger sauce
All in all I recommend only getting half of a cheeseburger pizza, even if you’re sharing. The flavours altogether are overwhelming so its good to balance it out with a classic pepperoni or whatever you like.
The pickles are thick pickle slices as well, be warned if you’re not a pickle fan.
The most important advice- make sure you have plenty of time to digest, would not recommend having one if you need to do anything that hour.
Here’s a photo to get you hungry:


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