A little bit extra is not enough. @Jonothankh

Well, I’m going to start off by saying that what I love best so far is the vibe of the school; the people in it, and the people around it.

I wasn’t sure if I should make this a slide for our shared notes or a SCAB, because I didn’t know whether I had a slide’s worth of stuff easily turnable into a few key points, or if I had plus 500 words or so.

Obviously, I’ve opted for the blog. So onwards.

Today (14th September, our 3rd day), all of us students split into three groups, each group visiting two agencies.

I was in the group that was lucky enough to visit Gravity Road (@Gravity_Road) and M&C Saatchi PR (@mcsaatchipr). And this is on our third day!!

Needless to say, they were great! It’s so exciting to get a taste or even a glimpse into agency life within our constantly evolving industry.

Jonothan Hunt SCAB No. 5 14 September 2017

Here’s the relevance to the title: we wanted to ask these ad-lander employees questions; find out more. I (cheekily) asked on arrival to Gravity Road if we could possibly ask some questions of some of the creatives and film the answers. Very kindly, I was told no. But we had done some extra:

We had put our questions with #SCASWEETIES on strips of paper wrapped them around sweets. All good sweets too (except for Bounties). They looked great. But we needed to go further than ‘extra’ so I designed, sprinted to a few different print shops and printed some covers for the sweet boxes. It’s small. But It meant it looked great. And became Tweetable. So now, we’ve got some brilliant people posting answers to our questions.

We all sat having great fun writing questions, over a coffee and putting together a box of sweets. What fun. Let’s enjoy it before things get more intense!

Gravity Road presented us with some incredible content from some amazing campaigns of there’s. My neck hairs raised when I saw them show us ads I had not only seen but interacted with myself online. I was like “this could be me!”; I could be one day standing there with some other student watching me show them ads they had themselves interacted with and been inspired by.

From Three’s collaboration with Maisie Williams for “Indoor Blackspots”, to “Room 8”, the BAFTA Winning film, Gravity Road had some seriously exciting content with a seemingly obvious but lacking-in-the-industry strategy of making content for the channels it goes down, instead of the other way round. I am so keeping tabs on this place!

M&C Saatchi PR was vibrant the moment we set foot in the place. It’s swish but very functional feeling surroundings reflected the presentation we were given. It was awesome to see ex SCA students there too! It can easily be thought that PR is not all out creative. But times have changed. These guys know how to interact with their audiences and not just journalists. They’re not a PR company that also does great creative work; they do great creative work as a core of their PR. Brilliant.

Once again, there was content I had seen before. A while back, I had been watching videos of the event launch of Resident Evil 7. And boom– there they were telling us all about it. Who would have thought PR could be celebrating this big work of art– with another one? Who would have thought PR could be opening a shop that sells stolen goods– to make people aware of the importance of Insurance?

M&C Saatchi PR. That’s who.
Adgasm. I’m calling it adgasm. Hopefully I’ll get addicted.

Jonothan Hunt SCAB No. 5 14 September 2017

Chill man; you’ve only had three days at SCA and you’ve seen two agencies. There’s loads more to come– you can’t write an SCAB every time something excites you.

Point made. But isn’t it good that things are getting so exciting already? I don’t just want a little bit extra, I’m on board for the whole lot. Don’t you forget it, Jonothan.

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