What are you in for? @jembauer

By Jem Bauermeister  

Don’t stay up all night. Don’t work all weekend. Don’t scamp all Christmas. Don’t spend every moment in the studio. Don’t read what everyone else is reading. Don’t throw away your hobbies. Don’t commute too far. Don’t ruin your relationships. Don’t forget your friends. Don’t ignore your family. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Don’t neglect your mental health. Don’t stop exercising. Don’t burn out.

But if you did do all-nighters and write-off your weekends and scamp all Christmas and spend your life in the studio and read what everyone else is reading and more and discard your hobbies and commute for hours and ruin your relationships and forget your friends and ignore your family and take on too much and fry your brain and stop exercising and burn out…

What would it be for?

What are you doing this for?

What’s your light at the end of the tunnel?

What are you making?

Is it worth it?


Find it.

And the energy you emit while you pursue it will be infectious. And your burnout won’t be a burnout because you’ll love every moment of it.

Explosions will be fireworks.
You’ll never fall. You’ll fly.
And every time someone asks what you’re doing you’ll answer them:
I’m changing the world. Every little thing I do, every little piece of me is helping to create

the world I want to live in. It only gets better from here.

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