Terminal 2 – By @helenapelsmae

By Helena Pelsmaekers


Terminal 2

I remember alumni coming in at the beginning of term 2, saying this will be the term you’ll feel like shit. Term 1 was getting to know everything, getting your thinking right, or how Marc says it: learning how to ride the bike. Term 2 was riding the bike but a lot of falling off. If I sum it up in a few words: arsonists vs pyromaniacs, perished grandma and black screens.

But it was also the term of D&AD, which I found was a turning point for the year. Everyone stepped up their game. It’s not about the competition. It’s not about winning (would be pretty sweet though). The fact that it had to be thought through and crafted into the tiniest details made us realize what we’re capable of in a limited amount of time. It pushes you to actually do things properly all the way through, which I realized I wasn’t doing with everything that came before D&AD.

Right now feels like the beginning of the new year, where you make resolutions but fall into old habits after two weeks. I’m never a fan of making them, but I’ll try make them for the last term. I want to see my portfolio change every week, I want to eat healthier (but with snacks), I want to collect more dots, wake up everyday with the intention of making us famous, start wearing my funny socks again, add things to my mess finding book, go on more crits, and just do more.

Little pb8 black screen hommage
(To be read in a singing voice, beneath a balcony)

This was not an example of black humor Nor was it minimalistic art
Although it seemed on purpose
The black sheep of them all

But you opened my eyes
Which is ironic, for a black screen
I don’t know how to write a hommage Does it have to rhyme?
But oh, black screen
You were useful
So thank you for being
The darkest day in my
Term 2 history

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