A mental day at SCA – By @martamorientes

By Marta Morientes

A mental day at SCA


12 June.


Eight fifteen in the morning arriving at SCA. A couple of people in the room. Let’s do some work, I think. People start coming in. I already lost my attention. Town Hall. Marc says what is going to happen during the day and who’s visiting. We have agency chat. And we have book inspection. At the same time. What? It will work, hopefully.


Cigarette pause.


We have agency chat with Liz. Other people are receiving feedback from the book inspection. Which agencies do we want to go? Everybody wants to go to the same ones. Fuck, this is the war. Let’s keep doing some work. I go to the toilet. There’s someone crying here. Another one is comforting her. I stay with them. Let’s come back to the room. Time to have book inspection. Ten minutes Alex. Ten minutes Ian. Ten minutes Chris. We have to change many things in the book. Not now.


Cigarette pause.


We pitch this afternoon. People are walking fast around the room. Some of them are running to print stuff. There are a few couples are laughing. Some people look sad. Others just look unhealthy. It’s time to eat. Wait, are there creative partners splitting now? Oh, there’s this guy called Joe, he’s pretty cool. We have a book crit with him. We can’t finish the crit. And I can’t finish my food. There’s a masterclass. This time from Ed, nice guy, he works at BBC Creative. He says strategy is what matters. It’s what get you hired. Ok, let’s do some SMPs. My creative partner just received a fine from the police. Shit.


Cigarette pause.


There’s a different person crying outside. It happened again. Let’s come back into the church. Wait, we have pitch tomorrow at 9.30. No, let’s focus on the pitch we have in one hour.  Let’s organize our ideas for Peter Souter. We go into the room. Peter Souter says he likes my outfit. What a day. He likes two of our ideas. Not only he gives feedback about the ideas but also give advice about life. Marc is walking around the room. He smiles. At the moment, there are five or six mentors visiting the school. Plus the mentors in-house. Plus Peter Souter around. Plus two dogs, I think. Plus staff. Plus forty of us. People start leaving SCA. Calm after the storm.


Cigarette pause.


Ok, it’s time to improve with the feedback we’ve received. Push craft a bit. Hm, maybe not. Let’s write some strategies to have new campaigns. A bit of research. Or should we think about our local noise brief? Oh, we have pitch tomorrow at nine thirty. How the fuck do we sell perfume to men to tell women to be more masculine?


Cigarette pause.


Oh well. Tomorrow we’ll start again.

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