‘-40 HOURS TO SCA aka The Search – By @victorialeed

By Victoria D’Andrea


-40 HOURS TO SCA aka The Search


I’m going to start this SCAB with an apology; this is another mindless piece that I think no-one will find interesting (Good way to sell yourself Vic)


I swear, I have written another 2 full pieces that are full of deep musings and reflections on my journey through life/creativity. I just felt that they were a bit too much, full of pretentiousness and maybe too personal?

Next time I will share one of them, something that will show that I too am insightful and have more to write than what I am doing right now (If you hadn’t noticed the pattern, then pretend I didn’t say anything).


So, here is what I’m doing/thinking so close to the first day of school.


Have you ever suddenly remembered a song that puff, just randomly appears in your memory? You only have a ghost memory of it, no name, band or even really the tune. But you know it was a great song and you are suddenly desperate to hear it again.

That’s what I’ve been doing for the past half an hour, and I feel the exasperation rising as this song fills my mind. I might be a bit overdramatic at this moment, but it feels that finding it again has become my only true goal in life.


I can only remember the feeling I had while listening to the song; slightly creeped out, but weirdly soothed at the same time. Like eating poison that tastes like candyfloss, finding it soothing even though you know what’s coming.


So I did what any person does at this point. I Googled it.


I realised I had a faded idea of what the main idea of the song was. It seemed to talk about Spiderman looking at someone while sleeping, peering in at the window and generally being creepy.


Not a lot to go with, especially as Spiderman seemed to drive the results completely away from songs and lyrics but instead showing me websites and videos connected to the superhero.

I’m quite sure the song has nothing to do with Peter Parker and Marvel.


Maybe I got that wrong… maybe it was some other sort of –man.  On reflection it seems a weird subject for a song- also maybe some sort of copyright problem. I’m sure the song would reflect badly on the comic-book hero.


Oh, wait! Brainwave! I think I have the song on my phone. How could I not think of that! I just need to type man and work my way through all the results!



Nothing. That’s weird. I was sure that I had the song saved somewhere.


Oh well, I will not be discouraged. Back to Google it is. How could I have ever thought I could do this without its all-knowing power.


At this point, I will admit, I decided to abandon all strategy and tactics. I simply typed random words that were connected or synonymous with the few I remembered. Nothing. I tried describing the song. Nothing. It kept bringing me to love songs that ‘are really creepy if you read the lyrics properly’ and such like.


Thanks to Google search history, I can tell you that at this point I tried about 20 different variants. But I persisted, knowing that success could be a word-change away. I know, by experience that if you persist in this ‘game’ you will always find your answer (I seem to do this song-searching thing more often than I would like).


My last Google search was: creepy song Spiderman at the window watching.

This was the magical combination Google was waiting for!


Now, I must say that the title did not contain any of the words I thought it would. In fact, only by some slight spark of recognition in my brain did decide to give a chance to the YouTube video. I thought that it must be another song that I had heard.


As soon as I played the song I knew I had hit the jackpot.


Now I do wonder. Did anyone reading my search manage to guess it?

Probably not. As that Made to Stick book says, the answer seems obvious to me, but everyone else probably felt I was making no sense at all.


But anyway, here it is (Drumroll please):

It was Lullaby, by the Cure.


I’m glad I spent the last 30 minutes searching for it. It’s an amazing song, and definitely my mood right now; not sure if I am more scared or relaxed right now. Everything I have been waiting for is just a few sleeps away.









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