The Idea Energy Bar – By @JustObserv1ng

By Ashley Davies


The Idea Energy Bar


Unfortunately, Its not something you can munch to breeze though a brief. Its this thing [IIIIIIII||]. An internal gage of your ability to be useful when coming up with ideas. 

Ideas are our creative life blood. Ideas or lack of them, have this innate ability to govern how us creatives feel… which is good i guess, it shows we care. But it is frustrating. 

So i guess your bar is chillin’ around [IIIIIII] when you first get the brief. Then, you or your partner will find a juicy nugget and you’re probably pushing [IIIIIIIIII]. You’re riding high, feeling fine, “yo partner we killin’ it and we got soo much time”. 

You’ve proposed to your baby and you’re baby has said yes. Time to plan the wedding. 

Ages are spent figuring out the seating plan and deliberating over the flowers. little things aren’t quite gelling and the cold feet begin to creep in [IIIIIII]. 

“Does anyone know of any lawful reason w” subconscious pete stands up “yeah, its f**cking ugly” [III]

And it gets lynched by the wedding party. 

I’ll leave that analogy there i think. 

[III] is not a fun place to be. You’re physically more tired, irritable and you end up going round in circles. 

Deadline looms and the urge to hibernate increases but don’t give in. As all us SCAer’s know when we get ourselves into this rut we need to take ourselves away from it all and think of something else for a bit, ’mind bleach’ i think I remember someone calling it. But actually do something, put yourself in a position where you can revive your idea energy bar. Any little original idea can make us feel better. Last week if Ludo and i felt like we hit that wall we’d whack out Cards Against Humanity and come up with some original ways of says some horrible stuff, its great therapy. Anyone is welcome to borrow them. 

Oh, and never say you have loads of time at the beginning of a project because you don’t. Weeks fly by in this place. 

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