Religious reflections – By @BeaaaBergman

Bea Bergman

By Bea Bergman


Religious reflections

I went in to half term feeling pretty shit, realising I had not been reflecting enough.
So this week I have been trying to reflect a little everyday and just sum up my thoughts in sentences. I thought I’d share it to give an insight of the chaos that term 3 has put me through so far. In the end I know it makes me stronger, and to be fair, I got one weird looking scab out of it.
So here it is, all weeks reflections in order as they were written, making up one crazy mess.
Stay on track, work hard for you goals.
Always be prepared to change your plan, always be prepared for the unexpected.
Have a plan b, a plan c and a plan d. 
Have plans all the way down to z, then start over again.
In Sweden they have three more letters ÅÄÖ.
Stay positive. Keep getting inspired. 
Strive towards a new goal, an old goal and a side goal.
Nothing is written in stone. 
Don’t live ahead, live now. 
But most importantly know what you want.
Get enough rest, but do things all the time.
Work in, work out, work late, work early.
Go and see the things that everyone is seeing right now, then go see what no one has seen yet.
Know your competition, be humble, then beat the competition.
Be yourself, but be better.
Go against the stream, but do what you’re told.
Hold your breath. Breath. Now both at the same time.
Pause. Rest. Go!
Things have been pretty intense and chaotic lately. 
Half term is good for catching up with yourself.
Being away from the studio has helped focusing, but it also reminds you of the fact that there’s an outside world full of interesting things. Things that you don’t have time to enjoy.
You truly have to believe in yourself and your capabilities to make it in a stressful environment.
Every bit of reflection gets you one step closer to yourself and your goal.
I wish I could write something insightful and helpful to others but I can’t. 
Confidence is key. Confusion is the lock.
To survive term 3 you need to be one hell of a filter, constantly making decisions on what to listen to and what not to. 
Should I prioritise my time here or here?
What is more important, getting things done for your own winning or getting praised by others?
As long as you can keep your head above the surface and be proud of yourself, you should do fine right? Not necessarily. 
Rambling on without a start end or context. Make sense, simple simple simple. Develop.
When at the bottom, the only way out is up.
How badly do you want this?
That was this weeks reflection. 
Now I wish to finish with some positive sanity, to all of you still saying we can’t change the world with our work. Someone truly inspiring is no longer with us as of yesterday, but he left us with this amazing quote:
“Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. 
Impossible is not a fact. 
It’s an opinion. 
Impossible is not a declaration. 
It’s a dare. 
Impossible is potential. 
Impossible is temporary. 
Impossible is nothing.”
― Muhammad Ali

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